A secret space war?

Military aviators know well just what they face when pursuing a UFO.

There is a veteran’s information website that has been unveiling the type of ultra top secret rhetoric of black operations that most Americans will never see proof of or get solid evidence of, yet the impact felt by society will the same, none the less. The denial, the official ridicule, the secrecy that President John F. Kennedy addressed in a speech he gave just weeks before his assassination are all the corroborating factors that lead us on the dark trail of a risky hunt for the evidence behind a literal “War of the Worlds”.

These are the implications I say unto you, when the federal government relegates its highly funded and clandestine resources consisting of high powered defense contractors with plenty of lobbying money and plenty of political influence when it comes to encouraging the development of the most technically advanced forms of global defense, precision strike systems, and the raw capability to lay waste to the entire globe much less any intruder in the event of a war with another hostile race of beings from somewhere else in the universe or another dimension.

The motive

For an advanced race of beings who have something to gain by either destroying the human race or taking our vast resources as earth is a dense planet with an nickel iron core and all the organic and inorganic minerals that comes with it, our planet might be a cornucopia. Not to mention the fact that with a blue planet teaming with life there is a wealth of genetic material, biological data sequencing, carbon based life forms that can be adapted to a number of different procedures by a more advanced scientific regime, a dying race could have much to gain from sampling, controlling, or confiscating what earth has to offer with our vast plethora of diverse animal genres, mammalian, reptilian, invertabrate, cold blooded, warm blooded, and raptor species that flood the biosphere of this planet with an absolute wealth of diverse life ripe for the taking.

Man, the ultimate roadblock

There’s just one problem. Man. He has a certain technical capacity. He has attained mastery over all other species. He has exercised his will over a planet he has not yet completely conquered, but is doing a great job of having an impact upon. Man has long occupied the four dimensional province of earthly existence. His science is ascending quickly. He will soon enter into realms that will allow him to travel further and faster than he has ever been able to imagine. Man may even traverse the barrier between different dimensions allowed the time to scientifically work it out. Yet, the species, man, is self destructive, brutal, and unforgiving when it comes to war and co-existence with other species. This, another civilization would surely have to take note of.

In view of what mankind has done to his own, what hesitation could any more advanced life form have in taking a hostile stance against this problematical species that exploit’s the weakest, makes war against his neighbor, conducts bloody pogroms upon those that differ in ideology, and feels compelled to wage genocide upon those of different sects who are still part of the species and sharing this planet under what surely must be equal rights, human rights, individual rights, but alas human governments do not exercise this type of discretion and insight.

How to deal with an existing abusive society

So, what course of action would a more advanced and opportunistic culture pursue in view of the planet’s dominion by the destructive and sadistic human race? Even the most savage alien intelligence would hardly blink an eye to the prospect of annihilating such a species unworthy of longevity in view of its frail and aggressive nature! Are these reasons alone more than enough logistical justification to attribute motive and ambition to the actions of an invading conqueror who would have little remorse in vanquishing such a troublesome species as man? This is the way we must consider the behavior of another world so that we are not so shocked and repulsed by the prospect of an invader, who felt no compunction in separating the species man from his stranglehold on the planet earth, as is this not the manner in which mankind has conducted his own business through out the millennium of his rule over the third planet form the small yellow dwarf know as “Sol”? 

Why now?

There have been ominous developments all over the world in the last two or three years, not that there haven’t been menacing incidents before, but it seems to most that these episodes of menacing circumstance have been accelerating. As though man is racing ahead on a collision course with something we are better off without. Two days ago Russia was struck by a meteor near frozen Chebarkul Lake in the Ural Mountains that reportedly injured 300 people, but as the days and hours rolled by, more and more injuries were reported until more than a 1000 people are now verified as casualties. These meteors that reportedly shot across the sky exploded in mid air. The force exerted by these meteor events was equivalent to 30 or more Hiroshima sized nuclear bombs as dozens of homes and businesses were damaged as a result of the shock wave generated by the event. This occurred almost simultaneously with the arrival of an asteroid that passed within 17,000 miles of earth between the orbits of earth and its only moon. A number of meteor showers also occurred  near Dade County Florida off the coast.

The anatomy of a mystery

Explosions have been reported in towns across the US with no apparent cause. These sounds have also been heard by people along the eastern seaboard of America. On one newscast, a bright flash lit up the early morning sky with no discernable cause as rush hour traffic was just getting started in Phoenix, Arizona on February 24th. There has been a seemingly global onslaught of bizarre and disturbing visual and audio events that contradict normality as experts grope for answers. Since 2011 there seems to have been an accelerated manifestation of unexplained aerial explosions and blinding flashes in the sky. In some cases as in a flap of such meteor type nocturnal lights black triangles accompanied some of these sightings that occurred in places like Santa Barbara, California, Cambridge, Ontario, Canada, and Oakville, Missouri on December 25, 2011.

Over many areas of the Canadian wilderness of Conklin, Alberta forestry workers stopped what they were doing to listen to the disconcerting sounds of some menacing unknown source that simply came from the sky. Such was the case in Long Island, New York, Switzerland, and Belgium as people in the early morning hours of January 19, 2012 were greeted by the inexplicable sounds of metallic Doppler effect noises that intensified, diminished and then increased in intensity again. Some spellbound listeners have even heard trumpets emanating from the skies.

Are these simply mistaken everyday noises that have been misidentified? Is there an as yet unknown meteorological effect in earth’s atmosphere that can create these abnormal and disturbing sounds? I do not believe I have heard any scientists trying to give intelligible answers to these very unusual events. So, what could account for this seeming visual and audio assault upon the skies of this planet as stunned spectators can only stand there silently?


Under the aegis of a secret space war we might be subjected to such unsettling displays of this unknown phenomena perhaps designed by a hostile civilization conducting covert operations against our world. These shocking displays of sounds and blinding flashes could be a form of psychological warfare used to unsettle masses of people and create widespread panic and fear. Such efforts could be very destabilizing and could put a strain on human authorities in maintaining law and order. This would play right into the hands of the aggressor in either demonstrating their technical capabilities or simply spreading panic among the population.

If this was not enough, there have been numerous explosions creating property loss through out the US. Such reports have also been coming in from other nations as well. April 25, 2012 inexplicable occurrences of explosions took place in 12 US states which began in Clintonville, Wyoming causing concern and anxiety among many people. In Great Britain Typhoon jets were scrambled in response to these explosions when a distress signal was picked up from a circling helicopter. These strange explosions could not be explained away as either geological activity or sonic booms and seemed concentrated in the southern region of England. The explosive disturbances manifested themselves from not only the sky but from underground. An airborne metallic disk was seen simultaneously with the unnerving sounds that were heard.

Psychological warfare?

If, as this website for veterans asserts, that our planet is in an undeclared war with another civilization, these phenomena might be explained as an effort at demoralizing the population through fear and confusion. There are many cases already of missing pilots and aircraft in pursuit of UFO’s as well as crashes when many squadrons have been scrambled in response to unknown sightings. These events tend to corroborate such fantastic claims. If one were to put together a stream of worldwide reports of unidentified aerial sights, attempted intercepts by military air forces, the loss of such aircraft in the process of pursuit, coupled with these bizarre aerial noises, and flashes of light, the conclusion may not seem to be so fantastic. Now add the damages and injuries suffered in Russia from the supposed mid air explosion of meteors over the Ural Mountains while meteor-like events were also observed as far away as the Florida coastline and the idea of a secret space war begins to appear even more plausible.

In July, another meteor flap that occurred over Michigan spurred a rash of 9-11 calls, Calls were also received from such towns as Indian Hills, Mackinaw, Cross River, and Cheboygan. Joint training exercises with UN aerial assets and aviators from Canada and Latvia flew alongside US built A-10’s,  F-16’s, Black Hawk helicopters, refueling planes, and E-52’s. An air search was conducted by elements of these units over areas where the suspected meteorite activity had been reported.

An ominous assessment

During an attempted intercept of a formation of bogeys thought to be aggressors during a training exercise by an Air National Guard colonel and his wingman over Michigan in the early 1970’s that distinguished officer made a noteworthy observation. In his opinion after approaching the objects in question at over 900 mph. and was unable to box them in with his accompanying wingman after seeing that what he thought were conventional aircraft, turn out to be disk shaped vessels with no visible control surfaces that quickly outdistanced him and his wingman, he adopted this opinion. The colonel described in Donald Keyhoe’s “Aliens in Space” book, stated that he was convinced that the earth was under a global surveillance by a civilization of another world. Taken from the opinion of this aviator I tend to agree and use this testimony is the establishment of a secret space war unbeknownst to the American people.



the object. They saw that there was tissue attached to it and said during the broadcast this was not normal, that human tissue typically wouldn’t attach itself to something made out of metal. What do you attribute those characteristics to?


Jef Harvey: There’s a lot that didn’t show up on the TV because many of the things that were tested on it afterwards were tested long after that show was done. Like Eagle Research looking into the actual components inside.

It looks like what this is, is a type of bio-nanotech. That’s what it appears to be. But it’s in such an advanced form that it’s not like you see a circuit design in there.

Evidently they used a tunneling microscope. Even at that level, the only thing they could identify was the fact that my DNA tissue was inside and melding with that material, which normally is not the way things go in the body because your body rejects foreign objects. Normally it will encase it in a cyst.

In this case, it was encased in a pouch that was more of a protective pouch which evidently allowed nutrients and energy to be absorbed into the pouch, transferred to the object and then the object would be powered by that to do its transmission work. We don’t know whether or not it was interfacing with the nervous system.

UFOPM: According to this hypothesis the technology being demonstrated by this object demonstrates an advanced understanding of human DNA.

Jef Harvey: Indeed. And the technology that developed something that tiny: if you look at a tiny BB and then think of that BB being inside of a cantaloupe seed, that’s how tiny this was. Extraordinarily small, so it had to be a kind of bio-nanotech to accomplish everything that it was doing.

UFOPM: One of the indicators that something unusual was happening that was shown on “UFO Hunters” was the testing for radio frequency emissions. You have something to say about those tests as well as the conclusions that were reached on the show.

Jef Harvey: That was the funny part. What they didn’t realize was, even though I explained to them that I was in military intelligence, what they didn’t know was my job was electronics. I was an electronics technician in the navy and I worked in the Intelligence Center on the [USS] John F. Kennedy in mission planning. My equipment was in the admiral’s bedroom, cryptography, meteorology, satellite groups, combats information center, the war room and all the other above-top-secret spaces.

When I do a test on something, especially like we did for the “UFO Hunters” series, I did a near-field investigation of the area that I did the test work in to make sure that there were no spurious signals in the area over a period of time and then I tested the device. The device put out terrestrial frequencies that were in the standard police band, which I thought was very interesting. It also put out frequencies that were in deep space-probe bands.

When you would push your finger on the spot on my leg where this device was it would stop transmitting. You could watch it on the frequency counter. It would just stop dead. And when you let go it would wait a few seconds and start transmitting again. We did those tests over and over and over again and I did them in multiple locations. What they didn’t know was I tested this eight ways to Sunday before we got to the filming for the show.

UFOPM: The broadcast portrayed the phenomena of radio frequency detection as some kind of aberrant signal. They said this is probably just some noise in the environment.

Jef Harvey: What they were saying was these were spurious signals. And they were trying to use an MIT counterintelligence operative. Guy’s name was Ted Acworth. His job was to debunk anything that might prove that there’s such a thing as implants or any of that. It was pretty clear to anyone who’s ever been in intelligence what his job was.

His job was to find any excuse to ameliorate the facts that were there in front of you. The bad news is because you didn’t hear, as the viewer of the show, that I was in military intelligence in electronics, there was never any way for what I said to be gauged as something that might possibly override what they were using as disinformation.

When they pulled that piece out, they pulled out a lot of information that lent credibility to what was really going on. In fact, “UFO Hunters” was a disinformation channel designed to debunk any kind of UFO anything.

Story continues in the Vancouver UFO Examiner for Examiner.com.


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