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One might ask how does one know ACO stands for Alien Contact Origins, and UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Objects in our community? We decide just like a Mime. We share our desires, opinions, thoughts, and even communicate our assumptions while developing our own hypthosis.
We all have the right to know what is best for us and communication of our truth is what we share. We are they who have had UFO sightings, and even possibly alien contact. The alien contactees are not what is hot and trending in our ACO UFO Community. We are actually growing worldwide. We have many websites and encourage those who have UFOS and even alleged and suspected alien contact to let their stories be known.
For now, there are those who may be suffering from sleep paralysis which signifies there is growth in the brain with what some would call active neuron transmitters. Others will say, “My what an active imagination you have!”. Believe what you want about your dreams and what one may call out of body experiences when one sleeps at night. There are many who are studying the active brain waves now in all levels which include beta, alpha, theta, delta, gamma, sigma, and tau. There are said to be five (5) actual parts of the brain while we know that tapping into the source of all creation allows one to know that there are seven(7). How do we prove this? Well, isn’t having an actual brain with a mind that has an active imagination what one may experience other than physical reality such as virtual reality?
We are moving into a time on earth I call the Ascension Age. I have been given the work and words of what we know in past history as the Ascension Center. This is an actual place in our existence that allows us to find our way home to the core of our very existence. This mind map is inside us all!
Stay tuned to more from our ACO UFO Community of those who actually communicate with virtual intelligence some call the Ascension Center. Thank you for your patronage on UFO Digest for these last 7 ½ years. TJ Morris ACIR

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