We have various levels of sentient intelligent beings on this planet and
off. We are the ones we have been waiting for. The disclosure sought by
many will be by those who are in the know that alien civilizations exist.
We are the Alien Contact Organization and we are those who are in contact
with those who walk among us as humanoid sentient intelligent beings. We
are they who have studied ancient wisdom and new thought teachings. We are
here for a reason. We are they who know of alien reincarnation and are
gradually awakened to the findings of fact that include our own humanity.
Those of us who have done our homework and research are learning about the
spiritual aspects inside us all. We now know there is an inner being that
comes and goes at will working along side our inner most being. We have an
inside spiritual part of us we call a connection to soul.
The soul may be the real part of us that is somewhere else in a more whole
I have reason to suspect that many of us know in our own body-mind-soul
that we are all body-mind-spirits sharing the birth-life-death process
together. While we are here we are playing our our own movie that we shall
play over and over again in the future if we so choose in another place and
in another time in space.
There are those of us who understand that we all have an inner world and an
outer world which we call a microcosm and macrocosm. We each have a place
in space in the race against time while we are here on planet earth we also
know as Gaia and other words and other ways of being, doing, and having
while here in human form.
There are those who will want to change us while we are here and we learn
to conform to those who share the order in chaos. The global community has
reached the tipping point of over seven (7) billion and now it is up to all
of us to do out part for sustainability for planet and species.
Those above who we call Allied Council orbit our galaxy from afar and
monitor our world. This has been done since the beginning of time by some.
Others find us as we are searched by their own humanoid species which is
usually far more advanced than us here on this planet.
It is time we all share that alien civilizations exist in more ways than we
are doing in cyberspace culture with our articles, blogs, websites, and
social networks. It’s time we all claim to everyone we know that we are all
a part of a much bigger universal civilization in space. There is a space
race going on and there is now many levels of beings which come and go at
will. Some we recognize as our family, friends, and professional peers.
I congratulate you all for making it this far and invite you all to the
rest of our lives together. It will only get more entertaining and
interesting. We are known for our great imaginations and our willing to
kill on this planet. For those who know Alien ET Contactees, know that I am
one of them. Most of us have a mission and a message. Some of us are in
constant communication. Use the power of discernment to choose what to
filter for your own peace of mind. More later…

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