We are who we have been waiting for on this planet. We are the Alien ET UFO Generation. We were born in a time called the “Baby Boomer Generation” and now our children are the “Crystal-Indigo Generation” in the UFO Metaphysical Spiritual World of Change. Change is good and everlasting. The way we know who we are is based on the reflection of others for we mirror each other.

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When we learn that there are others outside of us who live on this planet we become more curious. We come to this planet and touch down into a family which may be dysfunctional in the common ways of how to function and survive. We may have to make adjustments to our environment. We may have to make amends in our social structure. Each of us has a responsibility to our soul and self. Self- identity is something that great minds have pondered on in the most ancient of times regarding humanity. Our humanity is something that is being looked upon as an overall global schism.

Our UFO metaphysical spiritual changing world will be what we make if. We are the ones we have been waiting on to do something about all that we fear is wrong with this working planet. We are on a working planet of scientific experiment and exploration of a humanoid sentient intelligent being species.

We must all learn to educate ourselves to the “HOW TO SURVIVE” among our own species while becoming adept at knowing that there are others of our own humanoid species kind that will come to this planet and want to test our DNA of the regular folk and experiment on those who have DNA enhancement. Some know that we have both benevolent and malevolent humanoid type species in this universe. Although I am a loving humanoid sentient intelligent being species that recognizes that all life is precious, there are still some on this planet I recognize as “War Mongers”. Please know that some of us are here to change the way of the world. We know and secure a place for the souls that will desire to change what is to evolve in the humanoid species cultural ways on this planet. Be ready to join us in the “Alien ET UFO Community”.

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Author, radio personality and spiritual intuitive, Theresa J Morris is the host of TJ Morris ET Radio and the Founder of the Metaphysical Institute of Ascension Center Energetics. She is the author of books and hundreds of articles that have been published worldwide. She has appeared on radio and television and is an eclectic soul as an investigative reporter. TJ covers topics in her passion as a mystery explorer in body-mind-spirit health and prosperity. TJ is best known for healing intuition, ancient mysteries, cosmology, metaphysics, parapsychology, ufology, and the universal mind. Theresa who prefers to go by TJ founded the original Ascension Center and Psychic Network. Tj began the ACE Folklife Artists-Authors Club and has a small business TJ Morris Treasure Shop. http://theresajmorris.comhttp://tjmorrisET.com

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