*To: interested parties on planet earth:*

From: those who were chosen to experience alien contact & UFOs:*

Re: Information based on humanoid communication in English language*

Subject: Space Travel Facts we can agree upon*

Time: On or about the earth years of 1980 through 1993*

Reason: To share common facts on the *  

To whom if may concern:*Regarding world information on Alien contact and UFOS, I choose to share these findings of fact.

On or about the period of December 26, 1951 through the date of September 29, 2014, I have personally been in contact with people of humanoid likeness as sentient intelligent beings.

In what we call eras of time on this planet, I have been chosen to share what was once considered classified information on planet earth to the critical mass mind of the general populace.

Now is the time for us all to understand that we are to advance our human race in the space race or what in some universes is referred to as space wars. We will use English as the business language in space for all humanoids of the planet we presently call home or earth.

We are the space generation for our humanoid sentient intelligent being kind as far as life forms existing on planets in galaxies in this universe inside other larger expansions as universes, multiverses, metaverse, xenoverse, omniverse, Alphaverse, and Omegaverse as we refer to the various seven levels in space. We have shared this in cyberspace on the internet in years past only to have it taken down or removed by those whom we allow this to happen based on academics in science or of the unknowing.

We have been chosen for contact and are informed we are enhanced by visitation as birth and our DNA is enhanced by those visiting us at time of birth. We were told that we were known before we came here which leads us to believe in reincarnation.

We are told that we are here for the purpose to advance together as a total human race. We are told we advance over a period of time in eras and that in the past we have been given computer technology and weapons which allowed for us to advance only to destroy ourselves due to various reasons of misuse.

Now, some information we are allowed to release is that we will be given certain elements as minerals not found on earth contained in the building of spacecraft needed for space travel when the time comes that we are needed to fight this space war.

As far as how we travel in space, this at the present time is known due to the UFO spacecraft that was left at the time that one UFO imploded on or about the week of July 4th, 1947 in and around Roswell, Corona, White Sands Area of the state of New Mexico, United States of America. Due to one person’s choice of only 500 words this transmission is ended.

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