Time is limited on this planet and we each have a soul mission. Soul does exist and those above off planet are older and wiser. It is my experience that they desire us to share health and prosperity while we visit earth. We are humanoid sentient intelligent beings who are spirits having a human experience on earth. Some of us are in levels of consciousness that work with the universal mind. We all have psychic ability through lifetimes as spirit progresses. Gathering intelligence as body-mind-spirits grows our soul.  Each soul can send a spirit down to a different person. It is almost impossible to explain to the general populace how one can affect the critical mass mind. 

Some of us choose to return even after having died in this lifetime. Some of us choose to complete our soul mission to expand not only our own future lives but those around us whom we share living in space with at times. We have soul groups who are like aliens and extraterrestrials visiting those who are earth bound. The UFOs we speak of are simply unidentified flying objects we see flying in the sky over earth. These UFOS are actually spacecraft not of earth origin for the most part. However, some are manmade on earth. There is a difference based on the need. Some are needed to fly around earth in earth’s atmosphere while others come and go to space to a place we call a command ship. This ship is in a fleet of ships which work for those called the Allied Command Officers. Soul is the collective hub for all your spiritual adventures.

The Alien ET UFO Community refers to those who work off planet sustaining universal life as the Allied Command Officers. We have beings who are at various stages of evolvement. Some of us choose to work in the Galaxy Command for protecting galaxies from those in the continuum of the various levels of existence who only advance their soul groups in this universe and in other higher levels of existence.

We are constantly seeking ways to communicate with our friends who are at various levels and stages of development. We use various ways to evolve the most sentient intelligent beings in groups we call civilizations. Many of us are very old souls and existed prior to the evolvement of the five senses.

The Alien ET UFO Community is growing due to those who have awakened to the fact that they are more than the inner and outer awareness of being only humanoids born on earth to live one existence. We still use polarity to teach on the planet we call earth formerly known as Gaia and Pangea. We all are here to share life and to explore as adventurers while helping each other to do more than survive and thrive as one humanoid civilization. More later. TJ 

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ACO LLCInformation Services Agent-Consultant-Organizer  TJ Morris dba ACIR -ACO LLC Theresa J Morris aka TJ Morris, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Radio Host shares her experiences in her books. Born Theresa Janette Thurmond, in Monroe, La now lives in Beaver Dam, KY USA with her husband-author, Thomas R. Morris. Theresa has Authors Club Organization and Associates Community Online as ACO. TJ has owned her own business ACIR since 1978. TJ specializes in metaphysics, parapsychology, paranormal, ufology genres and became a syndicated columnist for various magazines in 2007. Theresa has owned American News Magazine since 2004 and Anew News for ACIR-ACO Press as an Investigative Reporter. ACO Culture Club is for TJ’s friends of Internet Culture in Cyberspace. Theresa has over 36 years experience as a Private Investigator, Legal Investigator, and U.S. Government, DOD, USN, GS, Contractor. Theresa is managing editor for publications and authors in Authors Club Organization, ACO. Education in Business Intelligence administration, former President/CEO of both profit and nonprofit corporations. TJ has traveled the world and loves people and animals. Advocate of art, culture, education. Member of BMI Broadcast Music Incorporated as Producer/Songwriter.

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