“Aliens are us” is the new battle cry for those in the “Alien ET UFO Community”.  For those who know me or of my reputation as an “Alien ET UFO Oracle” you may also know of my story.  I have lived a very paranormal life compared to most. That is why many people in the “UFO Alternative Culture” relate to me. I propose and strongly suggest that I am no different than you.

The fact that science and religion seem to be on two opposite sides of a spectrum such as in dark to light will become more about logic and reasoning in the future of humankind. In our lifetimes, we have seen change which reflects the way we perceive and filter ourselves. We are a sentient intelligent being humanoid species. However, how we choose to believe, logic, and reason are now at the threshold to the door to our future. UFO alternative culture is now about those who either accept UFOS are real or not. Also, aliens are us is now the cosmological findings which is changing the history of our past and the future of our belief systems.

Why is it that those of the past on earth we described in classes such as the genetic Chinese, French, Japanese, Swedes, tend not to believe in God when those as Americans, Saudis, and Somalis do? We are finding that the world of works and words is changing what is true. “TRUTH” is changing daily right before our very own senses. A new theory as to how the world works with our brains and our existence is changing. This is a fact that not one of us can dispute as life as we know it develops with or without us.

Life on earth does not cease to exist just because we do. We can see this based on the fact that we in this level of existence are allowed in a three dimensional (3D) world to see our loved ones come and go in 3D world.  We accept that life changes, the world changes, and now that truth changes for all of us on a daily basis.

We may even accept that we change on a daily basis which we can accept from our own cellular structure both inside and out. Our culture changes as the general populace changes. We are growing from knowing that we are different into a culture of more of the same. UFO alternative culture is partly responsible for this change. Knowing that aliens visit this planet is a truth that in the past our forefathers and foremothers were denied to share in a general public environment other than in their own religious belief systems among family and those who practiced similar belief systems in churches.

Religions of those who chose to believe in a monotheistic God won favor in history. The polytheistic Gods one ruled and in the past history of wars and rumors of wars over what God ruled and was more powerful soon became a game challenge in what we now call the “Game of Life” on planet earth.

We who exist on planet earth that were born here are all grouped into one species. We are humanoid sentient intelligent beings. We either believe in “Aliens, ET, and UFOS” or we do not. It is that simple. Life and times are changing as is truth.  More on this topic later.

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