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Who is Theresa Janette Thurmond Morris? We are who we have been waiting for when it comes to alien contact. I am TJ Morris ET Contactee. The saying, “Don’t Shoot the Messenger” always comes to mind when I begin writing to those on the planet. So what in the world is alien contact? Is it me? Making life happen on a regular daily basis is important to me and others I know who do not live on this planet. Because I was chosen to raise awareness of consciousness about those above does this make me different? Am I so different than you? What in the world is alien contact?

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Some who follow the archives kept by Dirk Vander Ploeg in his UFO Digest may know a small amount of my back story but I have never ever told the entire biography for a reason. You can probably figure the reason out without me sharing that part of me. However, each person’s truth is forever changing just like the one thing that remains constant in the universe is change. Now change is going to take on a whole new meaning for most humanoid sentient intelligent beings. For those who have not experienced their veil being lifted in this lifetime, it may not again in this lifetime. But, you may learn that for many it has already lifted and these beings are called “Awake to the shift that occurred on 12-21-12 for the Starseeds.” Oh I recognize that many people do not understand the logos and language and metaphors.

Epistemology is now a major part of being for truthseekers and those we call lightworkers. The communication of our truth is based on our own personal experiences and how they enhance the overall life forms on this planet. At one time those entities who are like us now had no ears to hear, and no tongue to speak. The fact that life is every changing and our truth and history is as well is what the future of Ascension Age is all about. The message about what in the world is alien contact will deal with those with whom I have come in contact with in what we call the alien world of contact. There are those who have agreed in some energy waves of essence that are here to support the change on the planet for all humanoid sentient intelligent beings. Change is good but not everyone who is alive on this planet thinks so. There are many who are scared of change. Those who have something to lose may be controlled with fear. Therefore, they may not want the change that is happening about alien contact.

The main change which is occurring about the fact that “Alien Civilizations Exist” has been a part of our back story for all humanoid sentient intelligent beings. We are not from here since we have souls. We are just visiting this planet. Those who come together in what we call dimensions, levels, realms, and waves do so by freewill and choice. Freedom and justice is what we desire no matter where we are among others of our kind. Also, we choose to be among our kind as we do not like to be lonely. We have developed a kindred spirit keeper in all of us that allows us to know of each other no matter how alone we feel. Feeling is an emotion that is instilled in all humanoids as sentient intelligent beings. The message I was sent here to share as my mission and even in some part as a soul purpose is about communication. Communication of what is good and right for the entire universe and even beyond regarding the “Cosmos Beings”.

Cosmos Beings have allowed us to share communication among ourselves in order to not be alone in this vast universe when it comes to what we now relate to as words. “In the beginning was the word and the word was without form.” This is about as far back in what humans call time. Humankind has been allowed to understand elements of all there is in what we now call theories or suspicions regarding the energy we term imaginations. Many great thinkers including Albert Einstein knew the importance of imagination. Look up all those in this lifetime who have been what we call “Game Changers”. I am one of those and it is a calling and election made sure in the other dimensions, levels, realms, and universes that recognize what we are and who we will become.

Alien contact comes in many forms and to the chosen we grasp for words to fit into the minds of those who are here on this planet to learn to exist, grow, live, and thrive in this biological environment. There is a nature’s God that those who came before allowed for us all to relate too. The universal laws and the principles of life allow for us all to recognize gender in all lifeforms. Some of us are self-aware. We are those called SIB. SIB is the acronym for sentient intelligent beings. Alien contact in this world is simply about awareness that alien civilizations exist and that we are all a part of this world about alien contact.

The big picture that everyone seeks as a microcosm inside this macrocosm is to increase their awareness of what it means to be loved. We all want to be recognized and validated as existing. Those who are SIBS who are in this life form as humanoids who will continue to grow and maintain sustainability will learn who they can define as those who are loved and will emulate that emotional bond to others of their own species. This is a natural affinity for the truth to belong to something much greater than one’s own self. Self is to be acquired as that which we all can relate too in one form or another called life forms from another place in space and in time. Welcome alien contact and embrace it in this world. The truth is out there and something wonderful is happening. I know because I am an ET Contactee. More later…TJ (Note-Exclusive for our ET friends of TJ Morris ET Contactee)

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