What an inspiring journey I have had on this planet. Whether we share person to person or business to business in our Alien Contact Organization as ACO we should all consider knowing each other better. Today’s time is all about trust in cyberspace. We all now share the words “WEB” and “ONLINE” interchangeably.

We are certainly here to learn more about ourselves and our species and to combine our efforts as the critical mass mind. The coming years we will compete for enlightenment on a spiritual journey to lead us back to those who knew of us before we were born. Being on earth is a learning experience for us all.

We are they who have been before and those of us who have had celestial contact are still known to exist as humanoids which have had extraordinary experiences. We are talking among ourselves now and searching for each other. We are in the research mode of our celestial generations in space. We all now recognize in our psyche that we are co-creating more to accept that which in the past we could not understand. Also, we recognize that there were powers in our government arms of this species which were keeping secrets from us about our true identity. All governments are now of interest to us all.

Roswell reminds us of who we are in space as those who have been and who have come before.

The ultimate human interaction between humanoids and spiritual celestial beings to co-create divine encounters.

This is a powerful drama in some ways for all of us to be involved in and devote our lives to research of our beginnings.

With a visionary’s ardor and scientist’s attention to detail we may find our answers to our own questions.

UFO encounters are extraordinary phenomena at present but this will soon change in the years of 2014 through 2020 when we begin accepting that cyborg robotic beings will be able to master the way we analyze and plan our protocols.

It’s time we share more details from the internet in our various websites which include videos. Thank you for sharing your insights with us. We who share the TJ Morris ET Radio have a direct line to our friend as the Allied Command Officers in space.


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**TJ Morris dba ACIR -ACO LLC* Theresa J Morris aka TJ Morris, Author, Entrepreneur, Speaker, and Radio Host shares her experiences in her books. Born Theresa Janette Thurmond, in Monroe, La now lives in Beaver Dam, KY USA with her husband-author, Thomas R. Morris. Theresa has Authors Club Organization and Associates Community Online as ACO. TJ has owned her own business ACIR since 1978. TJ specializes in metaphysics, parapsychology, paranormal, ufology genres and became a syndicated columnist for various magazines in 2007. Theresa has owned American News Magazine since 2004 and Anew News for ACIR-ACO Press as an Investigative Reporter. ACO Culture Club is for TJ’s friends of Internet Culture in Cyberspace. Theresa has over 36 years experience as a Private Investigator, Legal Investigator, and U.S. Government, DOD, USN, GS, Contractor. Theresa is managing editor for publications and authors in Authors Club Organization, ACO. Education in Business Intelligence administration, former President/CEO of both profit and nonprofit corporations. TJ has traveled the world and loves people and animals. Advocate of art, culture, education. Member of BMI Broadcast Music Incorporated as Producer/Songwriter.





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