Why do we have concerns about alien contact? Could it be all the UFO sightings and findings of fact about prior space shuttles that have crashed on the planet we call earth as home? I am on a mission as a fact finding mission, communication, and observation while advancing an agenda of ascension which to me means raising conscious awareness in stages for our species. I am an Alien Contactee Explorer Researcher Space Traveler. I believe we are all alien to this planet and will someday leave.

What I have learned about being a human is that we develop our minds in stages. Our brains are the hardware for the software we call our minds. Our minds are where we each as an individual decides

what we collect and obtain to put in our minds. We are all immortal spiritual beings who are extraterrestrials just visiting this planet. It is our goal in life to return back to our creators with our collected memories intact. Once we return home we will be reviewed or in today’s digital computer age in cyberspace we say downloaded.

We can travel as a soul however for reasons of educating a young soul we have learned that using a vessel as a vehicle for space travel and education is preferable. Therefore, those who are in charge of our soul’s eternal progression have fashioned us a typical humanoid vehicle that we call a humanoid body-mind-spirit vessel for lack of better words.

Having lived and died and lived again one might say that I am considered an Ascension Avatar Master or a prime candidate for soul travel. Since part of our allowed time on a planet is not only for education but entertainment we are allowed so much time to educate ourselves and so much time to be entertained. All the while we must still maintain our own existence which means accounting for survival.

Certain precautions must be taken in order to remain alive in this “Game of Life”. Committing suicide is not an option for leaving this planet and actually places an entity we call a soul on earth in a lower level of operation in the universal order of souls in our alien allied council’s way of classifying us as individuals. Therefore I strongly suggest everyone remain alive for as long as one can gathering intelligence. Some will become inoperable due to the decay of one’s own vestibule over time on this planet anyway. In the meantime while we are here to expand our knowledge, we can be aware that each humanoid must learn how to function and operate among others of the same kind. It is apparent that we cannot all keep existing on this one planet and this was not the plan. It is our job to learn how to exist and communicate on this planet with others in a collective and then return to space from where we came.

The information provided below is taken from our cyberspace cultural resource we call the web or online internet. Please know that we are now in the Ascension Age of Space Travel and what is termed the “Ascension Age – Golden Age of Cosmology”. Time for all to learn to be a part of something wonderful and that is returning to the place we call space. Those who believe that Ascension is simply a word for those of who follow our ancestor’s ancient wisdoms must think again. Ascension is also about the new though teachings and Ascension Age is about becoming balanced and centered which includes both ancient wisdom and new thought teachings. Some will stay and become custodians of this planet while others will begin sharing their know how to return to space. It is our mission as a collective to learn to travel in space and to set up a line of defense to protect this planet from others who would come to take resources from this planet which includes humanoids from time to time. Let’s learn to decide which of those on this planet should take jobs to sustain both planet and species on earth while others prepare for our exploration in space while defending this planet.

I am including a table based on information we share on a resource called wikipedia below More Later from TJ…

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