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I hope this finds you well! My time is now spent in a hospital with my husband TOM who is very important in ways I cannot share at this time. He is important to those who have no idea how much weight he carries for our species and this planet.
My job here I feel has been to communicate that which I can when I am allowed. I use the metaphysical spiritual guide inside me to allow me to understand what I am to share with you weekly. I apologize for not sharing last week but I was rather distressed due to Tom’s leg operation and watching a doctor pull bones from his left toe while he sat in his bed in his hospital room. Very traumatic to say the least. 
Tom had 3 stints put into his left leg and up toward his aorta from a cut in his groin on LEFT side.
Tom has an operation tomorrow much longer 4-6 hours on his right leg where they will take a vein and by pass his cut off veins so he can save his left foot we hope! It will be a cut from ankle to inner thigh somewhere we are told. He is small so it may not be so bad but since he is a diabetic and a dialysis patient it is extremely hard on his system.
He knew about this as GUS the spacecraft in the mountain told him about it a couple of weeks before it happened. I wish I could write more about the truth we live since that would be so much more important to all but I fear people will not believe the truth as you can see in comments made on some of my articles.
Anyway, it’s a long process having died already myself. I feel mission driven and know that those who dare to care to be aware will eventually find our their own truth. We can only educate and communicate our own experiences.
Will do my best to share more in time. Take care of our Community in this Alien Angel UFO world of mystery in the game of life.
Love and Light
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