Alien craft filmed 21-aug.2k10,NW England

Hi UFO Digest,

On the eve above I was in St. Helens and at 9-10 pm. noticed a large silver sphere to SW of town about 30 degrees and I thought about 4mls.away.Having decided it was an alien mother ship I began recording, and soon after 2 large orange spheres going NE came over 2,000ft.alt.about 500 yds. to west,50-60mph.and again I filmed. I went home early and had 2 cam-cords on lane at 11-00 pm when I saw 3 orange spheres going NE OVER centre of Earlestown and I filmed them as they went past 1,000ft.alt.,30mph.,as close as me and I went on wide-angle as they went past planet.

Part Two is here:

Then another followed and again I filmed changing SNE AS IT WENT by and to North East two more followed shortly after but I failed to film. I set-up my old JVC WITH night sight on tripod and facing over fields to E, elevation. slightly to miss the lights on A49.This was because I could see the craft had stopped 2 miles to the East attitude100 feet over woods. I continued filming with Canon 22x,and saw 20 orange spheres rising to S of Slach-Heaps and another 20 to the North of Heaps, which are about one mile to West. They seemed far to bright to be candles and few houses there, if any. Two bright orange balls I filmed going east to Ashton,400 ft. altitude.

Will have to continue soon as am in library and time is up. 

Robert Newton, 

Earlestown, NW England.


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