Richard is a native of Missouri who has spent more than 20 years in the city of Butler. He is very artistic and loves writing. He has murals at the History Museum, portraits of presidents on the square and other artistic works around town at place such as the Bent Bar and Video Plaza. While his main interest had been in art for many years, he also had an interest in the Unusual. He and Lori had an abduction experience in September 2009. Unable to get the proper investigation done, they struck out to do photo research of their own area to find out what is really out there. Richards artist eye enables him to dissect photos and look for shapes and objects that just do not fit in. Richards instincts seem to have kicked into high gear since their abduction and directs him when and where to go to shoot. They have amassed many strange photos of beings and craft and continue to go out on nightly runs just to see what the activity is. The search goes on.

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