There wasn’t much for me to do except decide to tell the truth even if it cost me my life. The world was changing and I was a major part of the knowing. Knowing that I could tell a story that was a part of the overall global consciousness. But who would believe me? What difference would it make? I was only an experiencer.

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One person on a planet called earth that was full of experiencers. We were all experiencers. We who were those who could here could use our ears to hear the worlds I was trained to use to communicate. Communication was the key to making contact. Was contact then the key? Why was I here? Why was I alone on planet earth? Why was I the only one who felt that they ET’s had taken an interest in enough to allow me to know that our country was wanting me to find out how to contact the extraterrestrials? But was that my mission? I was told by the ET’s or at least those I thought were the ETS to believe they were my friends. They were white adult males who claimed to have a government job for me. They wanted me to take this job. They arranged for me to meet with men who would make sure I wanted to do this job.

There were men in black who were guiding my very life energy while looking for a job toward the job they wanted me to do. They wanted me to team up with a man they knew had been one of the best assassins and also one of the best alien contact individuals our government had ever known. I thought I was taking the job because I wanted too. Did I really? Now I don’t even know that anymore. I thought I was lead to be a great investigator and yet I was taken to a room and told to sleep alone there. That was at Fort Hood, in Killeen Texas. No one would believe me. Not even my own daughter who was living there with her husband who entered the U.S. Army. This was part of the story that would make all my prior out of body, near death experiences, and ET UFO contact finally make sense in my life. The real story has to come out! It is now time to begin telling how I met my husband and the reason why!

I knew I had a soul and a conscience. The fact that science and spirit was at this time on earth seen as two opposite ends of the linear time line for humanoid sentient intelligent beings sharing the birth life death process was only part of the holistic view as a body-mind-spirit sharing this birth-life-death process. It was time for me to do more than simply share my science fiction paranormal fantasy version.

I had to tell my real time 3D story! This is my story of how I became involved with a real time killer who was asked to head up the military program for who we know as humanoids that live off planet and visit earth and always have.

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