Ancient Tree Spirit

Down in the foothills there is a place I visit often. It is a beautiful spot where I can enjoy the natural world and connect with the various Nature Spirits of the area. It’s really quite an extraordinary place.

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On a footpath that follows the clear, cold river for awhile and then plunges into the nearby forest I walk quietly, stopping often to watch and listen to the birds. Occasionally a squirrel fusses at me or a big ant comes near and looks me over.

Moving on, I soon round a curve on the path and find myself in front of the Ancient Tree Spirit. He is truly an Old One, having arrived on this world shortly after the continent of Atlantis sank beneath the waters.

He is very wise and I have had the privilege of learning from him on several occasions. When he speaks telepathically his voice rumbles like deep, rolling thunder.

If you look closely at the photo you can see him manifested in the tree trunk.

Note: Many thanks to Candy Adams for supplying the photo.

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