Another Look At David Icke

“I am not bound to win but I am bound to be true. I am not bound to succeed but I am bound to live up to the light I have.” – Abraham Lincoln

2010 marked the 20th anniversary of David Icke’s work in digging up information that has been covered up since the beginning of time by those really in charge. After reading several of Icke’s books over the years I have to admire him for sticking to his material and presenting it in his books and public presentations. I can’t say how much scorn Icke has received since he has gone public with his findings but I can well imagine Icke has done an infinite amount more research than his critics put together. His detractors try to discredit Icke by calling him a white supremacist, Christ Messiah want to be and antisemitic among other labels but they don’t to seem to connect the dots on what is really going on over history. Or just don’t want us to know.

It looks that if anyone gets too close to the truth or reality of what is actually happening they immediately are besieged upon by special interest groups. It is to ask what information they are hiding from the public. Even if the special interest people are holders of truth, why are they so quick to pick apart Icke and others who go against the grain of what is termed toeing the line? I am glad that Icke hasn’t caved in or given up on his quest on letting people know of his findings. The powers to be say they believe in freedom of speech but in reality it’s only if it fits their version of it.

It must seem to be a dark, lonely road that Icke has travelled over the years. Has Icke ever wondered just who might be in the crowd at one of his speeches? Or who is around him at other public places? I hope that Icke has supernatural protection from the positive forces of the Universe.

I don’t believe Icke is interested in telling people what to think. Icke wants to get people to wake up from their slumber to see what is really going on in our world. Once we do that we can deal with the programming our minds have yielded to.

Humankind has accepted too much half truths and fiction posing as truth since our beginnings in time. We’re not as stupid as some would have us believe but most need to get out of their rut they’re been in for years. Just how capable are we in creating a better world to live in for all living creatures.? It’s time to start living life as it was meant to be. There is only two things in life to do, get busy living or get busy dying. That’s the bottom line.

Ron Murdock

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