Another Look At The Microchip

Close to a year ago I wrote a piece for UFO Digest on the Mark of the Beast. At that time I looked at it possibly being a microchip inserted into the human body so the person could be tracked 24/7/12/365, along with every transactions of theirs being recorded on a computer somewhere in the world. It sounds like a nightmare becoming a reality in waking life. With technology advancing the way it is, I find it a good thing to be aware of what is coming down the road towards us. I’ve suspected for years that authorities have had technology for decades before it comes part of public life. An example is email and the Inter-Net. I was told 10 years ago that the U.S. military used both starting in 1968 to quickly relay messages in time of war. So what has been in store under the guise of surveillance and keeping track of the Great Unwashed?

What if a person will refuse to take the microchip? I can see the those people being shamed via peer pressure to have it implanted into their body. If they are strong enough to resist that, I think they will be exiled from society into concentration camps, have their civil liberties suspended after being branded dissidents.

Some employees may need to be microchipped to gain access to secure areas in their work place. This microchip could be used as a loyalty mark identifying the home region of every citizen on Earth. After being led to a central location, how many people will accept the microchip willingly out of a sense of duty or obligation to family, country, political party or religious leaders?

I can see the media outlets of all kinds playing a direct role in getting people accepting the microchip. I’ve wondered how many of the reports of terrorism, viruses and so on are exaggerated so people get uptight and live in constant fear. People are busy enough with meaningless busywork on a daily basis so they don’t have time to search for the truth. As a result they will just settle for the “official facts.”\

Back in the 05/20/06 issue of the Saskatoon Star Phoenix, it was reported that various products were implanted with radio frequency devices or RFD’s. This was done to keep track of the products movement after purchase. These RFD’s are supposed to be found in clothing items, foodstuffs and various other objects. It’s been said to be able to keep track of customer shopping habits and which items are kept in their homes. Also they are presumed to be capable of telling which areas of the store customers spend most of their time in and which items they put into the cart they use. I heard that rumor has it that RFD’s allow companies to “look” inside purses and backpacks to see what is being carried in them. All in the name of Big Marketing. It’s bad enough that marketing departments use it but what happens if law enforcement agencies or security firms uses it to keep track of people?

Once the general public is injected, en masse, with the microchip smaller than the smallest ant, it’s no longer funny. Neither would the extent of the manipulation behind it be amusing. I was surprised that just after 9/11 the push for the microchip wasn’t hurried along considering the shock people were in. I remember as soon as the two towers were hit, two slogans, “Attack On America” and “War On Terrorism” were on the airwaves. I found it strange, if not suspicious, that these two slogans were implemented right after the disaster. Why so quick?

How much of what I write here remains conspiracy theory, urban legend or the real thing remains to be seen.

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