Immortality opens up infinite intelligence as thoughts? My mind connected to yours once more like a single snow flake we know we each are unique as an identifier. What if the intelligence behind our consciousness is the source of us all? Who we each are now alien to the future is actually an ET from the past.  “Lifting the Veil of Time” would be the theme of my own life’s story…
ALIEN LOVE ~ET UFO EXPERIENCES EXPOSED had already chosen to be written after my TAKEN UP story which I began years ago on UFO Digest. It was apparent to both my alien and ET or my Guide and my Angel that we all had a story that wanted to be told from the human perspective. We knew we were all immortal and that it was time to tell the truth. The truth had to be told and we all were unique experiencers. We were all an immortal snowflake in the transition of what we call life. We had all established in the past that we were simply the results of our ancestors in other words all of those who came before to get us to here today in reality that is. That was the truth because we know we were born here on earth. We are earthlings, we are born here, live here, die here. We are that which is alien to this planet knowing this is obvious to anyone who understands that we are born to live and die on this planet. We know that there is more than the simple microcosm inside the macrocosm. We know that there are many other aliens like us on this planet and we are just going to have to accept that we are not alone on this planet or in space. This place is only place to be while we are conscious or unconscious until we die, leave, pass, give up the ghost, give up that which animates us to be who we are as an action figure, a character in the play called the game of life.
So, who is in charge of this immortal play that goes on forever or so it seems based on the fact that we see history as clues left in forms of material things on this planet? If not an infinite intelligence we call source then what? We have already accepted that we know there is more to the universal order than nothing from something. Now there are humanoids wanting to believe they know that they were created from nothing over what they believe happened over time that now they say did not exist in the beginning. So if there was no time in space in the beginning and we already know there is no time in space then how can the vacuum of nothing prove anything to our own existence? The paradox of knowing that we are consciousness and that thoughts are things has kept us moving forward all these eons and eras in time and yet now we are told there is no such thing as time in space which sounds alien to us. The ET or extraterrestrial in me that has an internal voice with a connection to a source of energy that is said can never end assures me that we are all unique as identifiers with internal cameras that are here recording everything we do as individuals that will return to the “Big Picture” which evaluates and analyzes all that is called infinite intelligence. This may sound alien to many individual experiencers as identifiers who learn to grow, survive, and thrive just like all others described as intelligent life which is biological inside that which all biologicals co-create. Inside the vacuum of the all there is with various densities, dimensions, and realms of the source of all that is has now become the knowing we know nothing about the mysteries that exist inside our own infinite experiences that are forever changing.
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