Awakening…The Future Is Soon

I’ve been challenged more than a few times because of my positive way of looking at everything.  I especially have a strong belief in the inherent goodness and eventual integrity of all humankind.  Just because we may not be seeing  an abundance of good qualities at this time doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

The human form is but an extension of the true self and that true self is a spirit.  Each of us exist in more than one dimension simultaneously and are a part of the Creator.  We all have that Divine spark within and eventually, when the prime moment arrives, that Light shines forth and we take possession of our true inheritance.

The struggle to arrive at that glorious moment can be truly brutal at times for we are born here with that knowledge veiled.  Then we spend years being taught and manipulated by peers who are, for the most part, unawakened.  Considering this unawakened state, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the majority of the world population is deeply mired in negativity.

Now, the good news is this is changing.  The spirit within is breaking down the stronghold of the materialistic human ego and beginning to assert itself.  This will continue and get stronger over the next few years.  Things are going to get better.  Much better, in fact.

We are heading for a quantum surge in consciousness, the likes of which may seem impossible or at least improbable considering the current state of the world.  Yet it will come and much sooner than we realize.  Awakening is an  inevitable process.  It has been slowed in years past but all of that has now been overcome.

Welcome and embrace it when it arrives.

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