“Surrender to life. Allow life to lead you, don’t try to lead life. Don’t try to manipulate and control life. Let life possess you. You simply surrender. You give total power to life and be with it.” – Lao-Tzu

I first heard of Michael Beckwith when I read The Secret by Rhonda Byrne. Beckwith had made some contributions to the book along with a short bio of his at the end of the book. Not long afterwards I wrote an article on home Churches for UFO Digest. A person responded to my article and recommended that I check out what Michael Beckwith had to say. Finally I was able to get my hands on a book written by Beckwith, this being Spiritual Liberation. I started reading it to find out for myself on what Beckwith had to say.

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While reading the introduction of Spiritual Liberation it reminded me of a habit I have. When I sat in church I thought of being outside, when I got outside I thought of God even though what I see is just a very small part of creation. I appreciate what Beckwith wrote about applying spiritual practice to everyday life. While attending church services of any kind one learns “theology”, applying what you learned to daily living is another matter.

I do have difficulty understanding that the Universe provides. I’ve worked for a good part of my life as I believe that Life doesn’t owe me a living and I need to make an effort to make my life better. I’ve found the word transformation can and has been used by con artists to make a quick buck or two, leaving their audience no better off. Transformation works best when the ego is set aside so one can improve their conscious contact with the Universal Spirit.

I agreed fully with Beckwith when he wrote spiritual liberation is being set “free from the confines of fear, doubt, worry and lack; living instead from a conscious awareness of one’s Authentic Self.” As easy as it can be missed keep an eye out for the internal and external messages that point the way back to Spirit. Positive changes we undertake in our life are best done over a period of time, this way it casts deeper roots. I was glad to read that Beckwith doesn’t regard meditation or contemplation as a waste of time as both are essential in revitalizing one’s life.

Beckwith is absolutely correct in saying limiting beliefs and excuses we tell ourselves are preventing us from moving forward in life. We can come to the point that praise no longer inflates our ego nor does criticism deflates it. As Beckwith stated here are plenty of people in the form of fulfilling their every desire. Then if these desires aren’t specifically filled the “believers” start whining and pouting on how they are being maligned. I guess it never occurred to them to do the necessary footwork and effort that gets desires or prayers answered.

Beckwith brought up a couple of good points. One was that when a person develops a victim mentality they start making accusations that for the most part says; “Why me?” There aren’t any external factors that bring about this; it’s a lack of responsibility by not facing the problem at hand.

Looking at problems in a negative manner keeps solutions clouded behind the mists of illusion. A person has to stop blaming outside sources and become part of making things better, not just keep wallowing in the problem. We are spiritual beings having a human experience. Like Beckwith wrote spiritual warriors to out to meet people, learn new skills and be open to new possibilities.

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