Celebrity Ghosts and Notorious Hauntings – Marie D. Jones

This is a book that would have Brad Steiger smiling. Marie D. Jones, the author seems to be on the same wavelength of the legendary Brad Steiger. In this book are stories that will keep you glued to your seat and have you in awe. I remember contributing a few stories here and there for Brad Steiger’s upcoming books and when a book was completed, it was a masterpiece. Same goes for Marie D. Jones latest book, it’s an absolute masterpiece. Since I am a paranormal investigator, I get a lot of information on common ghosts, but what of the celebrity ghosts? Yes! Celebrity ghosts are out there and I have investigated a few here and there, so this book really hits home. I have also investigated Lizzie Borden’s home and guess what, details of the hauntings at Lizzie’s house is all in this incredible book! Marie talks about what ghosts are, our passion for the paranormal and she even discusses “Living Ghosts”, this is something I preach to my new paranormal investigators all the time and it’s right here in this book! Marie says: “Living ghosts do exist! These are phantom apparitions of people who are alive!” Ever wonder why ghosts are seen in depressing places? In this book, Marie goes into detail on why this seems to be happening. I will give you a hint. When you have death, extreme suffering and despair, it imprints the atmosphere due to the powerful emotions.

In this book, some of the great features are:

  1. Why Do Ghosts Haunt at Night?
  2. The ghost of Elvis Presley
  3. Carrie Fisher’s experience with the ghost of Republican strategist R. Gregory Stevens
  4. Liberace
  5. Buddy Holly
  6. The Cursed Car of James Dean and a WHOLE LOT MORE!

That’s just a sample of what you will find in this book. I started getting pretty creeped out after reading about serial killer ghosts. Yep, they’re out there, I dealt with a few myself. In this mind-blowing book you will get information that the Batman franchise may be cursed and paranormal incidents happened during the making of the Conjuring. You will get information on movies like the Exorcist, Matrix, The Nun, The Omen, The Passion of Christ, Poltergeist, etc. There is a whole lot of information about haunted castles from Frankenstein’s Castle to Wyckoff Castle and more. You even get info on Mothman and Point Pleasant. This is truly a book that would make Brad Steiger proud. Marie D. Jones really outdid herself, if she was in front of me, I would congratulate her and give her a big hug for giving me such an enjoyable read!
This is definitely one for your personal library! A great research book!

Title: Celebrity Ghosts and Notorious Hauntings
Author: Marie D. Jones
Publisher: Visible Ink
Price: $19.95
Overviewed by: Deanna Jaxine Stinson – Co-Owner of Halo Paranormal Investigations

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