Indigo’s are star children. They are called Indigo because for someone that can read auras they will most certainly possess this color around the third eye. Star children are human beings that possess extraordinary capabilities and are said to have some form of alien genetics fused into their human makeup. They have knowledge of secret and mysterious things from a very young age that they were never taught. So, what happens when these indigo souls are reborn? The souls of goddess are also said to be reincarnated. We can carry with us the incarnations of deities or other supreme beings while we are alive. The spirits of gods and goddesses dwell within our human bodies as well.

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Some could argue that the purpose of life is to learn lessons and become either good or evil. The true nature of a person will be discovered in time. Over many lifetimes some of us come to easily recall our past lives and can recognize our soul’s paths. I am one of these people who could easily resurface memories from my previous lifetimes. I could recall druid like clothing and lessons as well as the hall of Akashic records which was strange as no one had mentioned these things to me and I was raised with a strict Christian upbringing. I just understood and had this knowledge. The trouble with remembering so much is that there is a lot of pain in life for many people. A lot of us suffer tremendously in this world, especially star children. Star children think in a different way than the average person. They do not think the way that they are taught to think, they are very sensitive because they can feel deeply. They make mistakes because they are always going against systems that are in place to try and break them down and recreate a more successful path for others. Indigos lead the way for future generations. This is known as an evolution which involves spiritual as well as flesh and blood changes.

The future for the star child not only involves this lifetime but it also involves our lifetimes to come. It is for the purpose of evolving into our final state of being. The things that we carry with us in this lifetime will most certainly be with us in the next. One thing that is very important for the Indigo child to deal with now is the fear and sensitivity associated with our true nature. It is very easy to hold onto emotions after you die because you are holding onto them with your heart and spirit. Try not to be too hard on people that do not understand you or on yourself. Remember that there are thousands of star children out there and many communities where you can come together. The overall purpose of the star child is for harmony and spiritual evolution. It is a design of the universe. The way that the stars have aligned is your destiny. Do not be afraid to test new ideas, boundaries and to believe in yourself. When you think the way that a star child does, you may be standing up for your beliefs alone and face much criticism but remember we are making our own paths. We are forging through the wild spiritual trails that no one else has gone ahead and made beautiful roads out of. It is a hard journey but you can accomplish anything, the universe is standing with us. We may struggle deeply but the best way to deal with this is to understand that our emotions do not need to be attached so strongly with our desires. Not everyone is able to easily recognize the things that a star child can. We may not see the results in our lifetimes but rest assured that as a star child we will most likely carry with us our memories into the next lifetime to fulfill our next mission. We are all demi gods and goddesses of the universe that we are fated to change and save because it is our destiny, and our will. It is our evolution into perfection. The systems that are in place are like giant cities that make legends and take armies to destroy and rebuild. They are empires that took many life’s to build up and to destroy these ways of thinking overnight is not a practical idea. 

Remember that when we do things with love, it takes patience but we will succeed if our intentions are pure. We are not alone.

Revealing your Star Shaped Destiny

Astrology is a beautiful tool to help us discover ourselves. The truth is that it is miraculous that we were born on a specific time and date and place and the influence of the sky is very important. Although astrology is not perfect, and only we can know ourselves truly it is a great key to figure out the universes plans for us.

When I was born, Halley’s Comet was in the atmosphere. I was born in 1986. This has a huge impact on my life. I have always been interested in comets because of this. There is no specific astrology book that can tell me exactly the way the planets were aligned as well as comets or shooting stars nearby that is what makes it imperfect but it is important. I also want to say that we have more than one horoscope sign. 

Most people don’t realize this as the sun sign has become glorified. We have signs that align with most planets. For more details you may want to look into having a birth chart made. You can have one made for free at Astrolabe online. I have included my birth chart.

I hope that this helps you on your spiritual path as it is a very long one and please expect to make many mistakes along the way. The way that we recover from these mistakes is what is going to make us the person that we are meant to be. Be conscious of your heart, soul, mind, past lives and future ones if you want to be feel fulfilled and complete because as of right now, we are all works in process.

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