A good guide to interpreting your own dreams is to draw out your internal symbology of animals, people, places, and more. Animism is the attribution of a soul to plants, inanimate objects, and natural phenomena. Most of what we experience in our dreams seems lifeless yet it seems that all the characters in our dream stories interact with us as if they had individual spirits. We can theorize that the dream land could be an actual place such as many Wiccan believe. Many of us have premonitions in our dreams pay close attention when these dreams happen they may point right towards the identity of your spirit guide. 

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Many attempt to tell the future through signs and animal behaviors. There are many types of divination that you can attempt in the dream world. For example there is anthomancy- by flowers, arachnomancy- by spiders, alueromancy- by fortune cookies, cryptomancy-omens, demonomancy- demons, pallomancy- pendulems and so many more. There is a detailed system in each method of divination. If we could pull out the symbols from our dreams, we can spiritually divinate in the dream world. There are ones that have been lost such as dracomancy which is foretelling the future through dragons well dragons no longer exist but they do in the mind of a lucid dreamer.

The basic structure to interpreting your own dreams is to keep a good memory of your dreams and really try to pull the details out of your mind. When I say the details I mean colors, feelings, trees, flowers, names and every specific detail that you come across. Colors are probably the easiest thing to pull out of your mind because they are all so uniquely different that it is hard to get them confused. Yet, it is also important to match them with specific meaning- if a rose is red is a lot different than if your food was a red fruit that you were eating there will be different associations. It takes a lot of research if you really want to be knowledgeable on divination. I have included two of my favorites, dracomancy and anthomancy.


You have probably at one point saw someone pick up a flower and begin to rip the petals off one by one and say those charming words: “He loves me, He loves me not.” We are not going to be divining using that we are going to take a look at anthomancy in the dream world. Remember that there are other traits of the flower that you want to pay attention to- colors, smells, location and is it a healthy flower or not. What I have gathered is the common meaning of the dream flower. If there is a flower that is special bond between you and someone else please discern and meditate on the highest meaning of it all. Dreams are unique and individualized:

Daisy- Caring, Thoughtfulness, Sunshine

Rose- Love, Death

Lily-Spirituality, Faith, Mourning

Lotus- Enlightenment, Beauty

Water Lily- Bereavement

Wildflower- Simplicity


Yes there was a period of time it seems in the middle ages where dragons seemed to really exist. Combinations of genetic mutations and evolution make many different species. There are many species from Earth’s past and approximately 99.9% of species has become extinct. That weird creature you dream about just might have existed in a past life and you would be foolish not to try to doodle or write it down. Human beings will one day become extinct as did the all mighty and powerful Earth dragon.

To dream of a dragon is a dream foretelling a magical connection to 

Earth and a noble heritage to the universe. The dragon is still alive 

and well in the spirit world where all that once roamed the Earth still lives. Energy is forever and only changes it is not destroyed. The dragon exists in other realms and one of these is the dream realm. To dream of a dragon flower points to finding many esoteric and mystic secrets.

I imagine all the ancient secrets are well hidden that some would use to pull out the future through a real dragon but when divining with a dream dragon pay attention to every detail. Are you fighting the dragon? Are you winning? Such a thing could foretell a noble victory. If the dragon eats you could be telling you your greed is eating you up or another beast you need to learn how to control.

What do we do with all the knowledge that we pull from the dream world? 

We write it down, memorize it and meditate on it. Why do we do this? 

Because it is a new age and in the new age we are going to learn to 

become more intelligent, spiritual, happier and healthier beings than 

our ancestors. Modern people really care about health and spirituality and it is very important for the future of our world. You can’t ignore your dreams if you want to be a happy and fulfilled individual they are the closest link to the spirit world and very important to the land of the living and dead.

Deanna Jaxine Stinson, HPI Supernatural Sleuth
aka The Black Rose

Halo Paranormal Investigations (HPI International)




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