Chased By Something Unseen


It was close to sunset when my wife and I began our drive up Pettit Jean mountain. Part of the way up we pulled into a scenic turnout and and got out of the car to watch the sunset. The view was incredible.

As we enjoyed the beauty, I suddenly felt something strange nearby and I turned around to face the east. I couldn’t see anything but I could feel a presence approaching us. I felt very uncomfortable with this and anxious to be somewhere else. I turned to my wife and told her we needed to leave quickly. One look at her face told me she was feeling apprehensive too.

As fast as we could we got in the car and headed back down the mountain. The sunlight suddenly failed completely and darkness descended on us like a snap of the fingers. Whatever was out there was very close by. We could both feel it. I had to really fight to keep from giving in to panic as I drove down the twisty mountain road.

The presence stayed with us all the way down the mountain and into the outskirts of Morrilton, where we finally felt it suddenly depart. My wife, who had said nothing since we had jumped into the car and literally fled, looked at me and asked what that was. I told her I did not have any idea but I was certainly glad it was gone. Since we both were completely unnerved and exhausted from the experience we decided to drive some distance away from the area and find a room for the night.

What was it that chased us that night? Even after all these years I still do not know. We have since been back to Pettit Jean mountain and had an enjoyable visit with no problems.

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