Clouds Can Be Tricky

Of all the various weather phenomena my favorite has to be clouds.

Nothing better sets off a beautiful deep blue sky than some white, fluffy clouds floating through it.  Find a nice quiet spot by the side of a small gurgling creek and you have the makings of a perfect picnic.  You lean back and close your eyes. Nothing can spoil this wonderful moment.

But then…

Suddenly those fluffy clouds decide to turn dark.  Thunder rumbles.  A gust of wind kicks up a bit of dust and blows it in your eyes that have quickly sprung open.  Scattered drops of rain pelt your head.  Grabbing up your picnic goodies you make a mad dash for the shelter of your car.  Lightning flashes and the immediate, deafening crash of thunder takes your breath away.  That was close…too close.  You almost make it to the car before the downpour hits.

But not quite…

Finally sitting in the car you reflect on your waterlogged condition.  It’s amazing how much water can fall out of those clouds in a few seconds.  You catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror and bust out laughing.  Wet hair plastered to your forehead.  Water dripping off the end of your nose.  Big time bedraggled.

And so, with the dripping water forming little puddles on the floorboard of the car, you open up a soggy sandwich and finish your picnic while the storm rages around you.  Although it didn’t turn out exactly as you planned it was still wonderful.

Mother Nature is grand.  Especially her clouds. Unpredictable to be sure, but that’s OK.

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