Communicating With God

 From June 19, 2008:  I read an interesting article on UFO Digest by Dr. Susan Shumsky titled “Does God Talk To Ordinary People?” It would be interesting to take an informal poll on what people thought of this subject. I do believe that if one talks to God, it is possible for God to speak back. The question is how. I think since the human brain can pick up various frequencies, I have to wonder if those good ideas or “pictures” that seem to pop up from nowhere are ways that God communicates with us. I find that God doesn’t “talk” to us is a restrictive mindset that won’t help on our individual life journey.
How many people are scared of saying they hear God’s voice in some form for fear of being termed mentally ill then put on pharmaceutical drugs? We hear of stories of those who have committed heinous crimes or cult leaders who get their followers to do harmful acts to themselves in the name of God. In these cases, I think it is the work of demonic spirits or dark forces that gets people to do these acts not God.
Then there are those, usually of a religious or political persuasion, who think they have a direct link to God, therefore they alone know what is good for the rest of us. Craig Candelore once said; “We believe our country is under assault and needs Christian values. God has called upon us to do this.” This scares me as it seems to pigeonhole people into something that may not be all that healthy. Christians say they want to take us back to the good old days but that may not be true due to the amount of editing those thoughts from the past. I really believe in the separation of church and state as I don’t want any one group having total control of how things are run. It’s like starting with the answer and working backwards to formulate the question to fit the answer. There must be a lot of ego involved in a person if they think they can speak for God.
Have we been so conditioned to believe that only a few wise men have had a direct link to God then written that message down? The problem I have here is that I have to ask how many times have these publications been re-edited or what has been lost in the translation. I believe that God doesn’t prefer one group or person over another, God loves all of us equally. I believe also that God’s blessings and grace are accessible to everyone. We really don’t need the various middlemen as we could get co-dependent on a particular person, though it is wise to have the help available when guidance or counseling is needed.
It isn’t required to join a club of any kind. All one has to do is find a quiet place and connect with yourself. Nothing has to be done, more like no thing actually. A person just has to sit back, relax and ask God for guidance, help or anything else they need. People do ask but a problem I see is that people don’t take the time out to clear the clutter from their heads or take time from the busyness of their lives. Or perhaps their relationship with God is restricted somehow.
I used to think that God was too busy running the Universe to be interested in what’s going on on Planet Earth or be involved in anyones life. But since us humans are part of creation, how could God not be interested? God is available to anyone 24/7/365.
Many of us have just that one or two spiritual experiences in their life, then spend the rest of it in a mundane experience. Life does get tedious at times but there is no reason to accept it as a full time existence. Can you imagine what Life could be like if everyone developed a spiritual practice and received positive spiritual experiences as often as they desired?
Ask and you shall receive.
Ron Murdock
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