I find a common theme among the human race is how one group can criticize others for alleged absurd beliefs yet hold on to what could be called equally absurd beliefs. An example if UFO buffs and religious fundamentalists. UFO believers have been regarded as a flaky bunch while religious leaders and followers are generally thought of as outstanding citizens. There are times I beg to differ.

A pastor that used to be stationed in the small city I live in scoffed at the possibility of UFO’s among other things in the realm of the paranormal. But he didn’t question anything written in the Bible despite lack of any real proof supporting the Virgin Birth and other biblical claims. It’s amazing the double standards involved.

Over the centuries untold masses have believed in questionable information that organized religion has told them. One topic that has been ridiculed is the prospects of life elsewhere other than what is on Earth. The Universe has countless planets and stars, some of which could very well support life on them. To say Earth is the only inhabited planet in the entire cosmos is egotistical, vain and arrogant on our part. Yet for centuries conventional wisdom said Earth was the centre of the Universe when we are far from it. To disagree with the party line of that day meant being labelled as a heretic or be shunned.

UFO world has its share of the fringe element but claims of religious fundamentalists can be just as absurd. Instead of continuing in the us versus them mentality we need to find answers in this field. It’s going to be interesting to see what is going on in this area.

Ron Murdock
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