Connecting To Mother Earth


I don’t know how many people actually try and connect with Mother Earth. However many there are I hope that soon there will be more. Many more. Maybe a lot of us really intend to make the effort but other things seem to always demand our attention and poor Momma Earth gets pushed aside. Recently when I connected with her I felt a deep loneliness rising from her.

I try to connect physically with her every day. I use different methods. Sometimes, as I did today, I lay my hands on her surface and offer words of love and healing. I thank her for her continuing support and her tolerance of the abuses from humankind. On the days when I am unable to connect physically with her I visit her in my spirit body.

Mother Earth is so vitally important to us. Let us always remember we are very intimately connected to her, for our physical bodies are made from her elements. She is a beautiful lady and she deserves our honor and attention.

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