Dawn Of A New Age


It is truly the beginning of a new age. The world as we have known it will slowly cease to be. In the days ahead a rejuvenation of not only the earth and all things on it but the very consciousness of humankind will take place. Incredible changes of a magnitude never believed possible will come about. Make no mistake about it, the Golden Age has dawned.

For many, some of the changes, when they begin manifesting, will prove quite difficult to understand or even accept. But there are sufficient numbers of you who will step forward when necessary and help explain away any misunderstandings. There will surely be some rough spots during the transition but overall there is no reason to be anxious. Problems that arise will eventually be overcome by the abundant divine love that is now pouring into this realm.

Although the individual and overall consciousness is expanding this will not just be a spiritual revolution. We’re not going to end up sitting around all day with a big smile on our faces while chanting mantras. That would be pointless and boring and most certainly counterproductive. In addition to higher levels of spirituality we are moving into some extraordinary levels of technology, much of which will be tied to and controlled by our increased consciousness. Much of what we now consider as “high tech” will fall by the wayside and be looked on as archaic bits of history.

It is going to be quite a ride, folks. I kid you not. If I get any insights on some specific changes to look for I’ll certainly write about them. At this particular point I have only seen a few hints on what’s to come and, quite frankly, my mind is boggled.

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