One advantage the Inter-Net provides, along with other forms of digital communications, is that a lot of information can be researched in a short period of time. It has eliminated a lot of the barriers that kept the global village apart. I find it wonderful to send an email anywhere in the world and it gets to the destination in an instant. But there are drawbacks that affects everyone, overwhelms them even. The world now operates on a 24/7 schedule cutting into a persons sleeping patterns, family and social life. Plus several of us have become computer junkies losing good parts of the day to meaningless busy work. I can see these people morphing into robotic drones with their hand held gadgets becoming permanent attachments to their bodies.
One field that can isolate people into small tightly knit groups is religion. If a person isn’t careful they can be pulled into a mentally inbred group led by a messianic figure who wants to meddle in a persons private affairs. Others become hard core loners who cut themselves off from all healthy social connections. Hucksters from all walks of life do capitalize on people’s loneliness by offering by what appears to be quality fellowship. It won’t be this if they are signed up to do much work too soon or they are asked to cease contact with friends and family. I don’t believe it when a group says they are among God’s chosen few or has special insights only they have access to. When this happens it is time to head out the door and find another group to check out. It shows that the ego is in charge and leader(s) want to manipulate as many people as possible.
I’ve started to wonder what is behind all the shootings and bombings of late. It seems to be a regular occurrence every 10 to 20 years that some serial killer(s) go on a rampage of some kind. It could be a false flag, an individual breaking down or flipping out, influences of a fringe group or the use of mind altering drugs. We need to start getting at the root cause(s) of the problem not just deal with the surface issues. There are a lot of angry people out there so what do we do about it?
Changes are happening at break neck speeds in our world, so it is easy to lose touch with ourselves. Finding oneself in a vulnerable position could make it easy to be taken in by fanatical groups, end of the world messages and various conspiracy theories. When confusion reigns and people grab at straws, the real truth is suppressed and lies are brought to you by control freaks, the Thought Police or the politically correct.
I’ve noticed several groups are a closed society that uses various sales pitches to attract new comers into their fold. A lot of information is held back from new members until they feel it is too late to leave the group and disappoint the others. Not only does this happen in “spiritual” groups but among the media, social outreach workers, schools or colleges, mental health workers, government bureaucracy and so forth. Many from these groups want to help but are tightly restricted by policy from their bosses. Will there be a day where the abuses be dealt with and the “casualities” get the help they need?

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