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Philadelphia Experiment - Philadelphia Harbor - August 1943

Richard S. Shaver once said about the Hidden World beneath us: “The unseen world beneath our feet, malignant and horrible, is complete in its mastery of earth. And most horrible of all, it is a world of madmen.”

KEEP OUT! was a smoothly written book about the various super-secret government and military sites about the world and the accompanying legends, stories and myths that have culturally arisen about these tales. Many accounts had to do with claims of how powerful and cryptic institutions have joined with stories of monsters, UFOs, and government experimentation  with elements of public control. I am not sure that Nick Redfern meant, however, for the book to be a realistically scientific journal.

(KEEP OUT!, Nick Redfern, New Page Books, a division of the Career Press, Inc., 220 West Park Way, Unit 12, Pompton Plains, N.J. 07444,,, 2011, 288 pages, $15.99.)


Redfern tells of mysterious animal deaths associated with the Dug Way Proving Ground; there were the sheep deaths – about 6,000 – in 1968. Fifty horse deaths were believed connected in 1978. Redfern outlines where humans were probably experimented upon with viruses and biological warfare.  Animal and cattle mutilations are also on the scale of interest, though officially debunked as only predator damage.

Mysterious animal deaths and mutilations have been occurring around the globe in almost every conceivable country. Redfern spoke of cases primarily in West America, but cases have happening in South America and even British Columbia: horses, sheep, deer, rabbits, cats – often in snow and mud with no signs of struggle, dropped from above causing broken ribs and bones from the impact.Special parts are taken from the bodies as if done by surgery.

MAPIT and Stephen Mera of Manchester’s Anomalous Phenomena Investigative Team of Congleton, Cheshire, England told of  cases were farmers were only a few hundred yards away and the animals were in good health a short time before, only to find them mutilated immediately afterwards: no footprints, some in mud, and in weather too cold for insects.  Others were found tangled in telegraph poles and wires.

“The simple fact is we are no nearer to the discovering the truth behind mutilations,” said Darren Perks, investigator and UFO researcher from Shropshire. “We know that there is a pattern to them, which in most cases would suggest that there is a ‘purpose’ to all this, but what is that  ‘purpose’?” (August 7, 2012.)


Also covered is the World War II plunder of artifacts and gold by the Nazi Regime.Hitler and his cohorts were not only seeking world conquest but also obtaining the world’s riches and the hiding of same in various clandestine hideaways. There was also $440 million in gold in the Reich bank, The Holy Grail, The Spear of Destiny, Noah’s Ark, and other ancient artifacts that became targets of the Utashi.

Redfern could have gone into various connected stories. There were many elusions to “hide outs” that the Nazi Empire had in planning, should the war not turn out to their advantage. Much of the plunder was spread about in various locations: Tuplitzsee in the Styrian Alps, the village of Hradistro near Stechovice, Ausseeland Mountains, San Oreste near Monte Soratte, Rome, Italy, Lend, Austria, central Thuringen, Jonas Valley between Crawinkel and Arnstadt and, of course, Argentina, and their hidden empire in the Antarctica.

Allied forces believed they spied Nazi armies moving loot (“long trains heading south in Germany”) into a Alpenestung, either a refuge or a redoubt effort, a large 240 mile-long, 80-mile wide complex of underground tunnels and bomb-proof factories as a “final prolonged resistance.”  It was called the National Redoubt, also referred to as the Goterdammerung. Later, the allies found huge underground caverns at Peenemunde, Lake Garda near Limone, and the Hartz Mountains.Colonel R. Allen said some of these were literal “subterranean towns.”  It was in these complexes that the fearsome flying weapon, the Kugelblitz, was invented and sighted by pilots. There was talk about the Amerika Rocket, the Nazi atomic bomb, and many others.

During this same period, a Nazi terrorist group was invented by Peter von Heydebrecht ( Hans Otto Heydedreck), born out of German National Socialism, composed of ferociously-trained German youths, called “The Werwolfs.” They were referred to as Wolfsschlucht – Wolf’s Ravine at Bruly-de-Peche (“Werwolf: The History of the National Socialist Guerrilla Movement,” Alexander Perry Biddiscombe), also called the Unternehmen Werewolf. Under the lead of SS Police General Gutenberger, Operation Carnival, they murdered the Mayor of Aachen, Fanz Oppenhoff.

Göbbels’ pre-victory broadcasts spoke of these on Radio Werwolf:

“God has given up the protection of the people . . . Satan has taken command.” Göbbels broadcast of spring at that time: “We Werewolves consider it our supreme duty to kill, to kill and to kill, employing every cunning and while in the darkness of the night, crawling, groping through towns and villages, like wolves, noiselessly, mysteriously.”


The topics of super-secret bases that harbor UFO plans is amply covered. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Area 51, RAF Operation Rotor, Rudloe Manor, The London Underground, The Doomsday Bunkers of Washington and U.S. Naval Observatory, Raven Rock and Site-R, China’s Sanya Base, Russia’s Yamantau and Kosvinski secret bases in the Urals, are just a few of the hidden sites. There are also Russian Zhit Kur and Kosvinsky Yar hidden societies.


This author found such reports of UFOs over the Russian secret site of the Kapustin Yar Cosmodrome in 1970 as Russian rockets were being launched: a gigantic black dirigible-like object was seen hovering over the site and shooting needle-like green rays scanning the rockets.Several soldiers fired at the UFO with their weapons causing the UFO rays to stop: the soldiers were then beset with intense headaches which caused them to scream in pain. The UFO vanished. In November, 1979, a bright green, elliptical UFO was again seen over Kapustin Yar, hovering about 30-minutes over secret Russian rockets on the test range.  A similar UFO was reported on October 5, 1982 over the Cosmodrome for about four hours.

The site was again visited on July 28, 1989 where several servicemen reported a UFO advancing about the facility for two hours; at one point it was only 19-feet above the ground and appeared to have a blinking signal similar to a camera flash. It hovered over the rocket weapons depot at about 65-feet. Its hull was dim green light, like phosphorous, and the object looked like semi-spherical disc that shot beams of light to surface objects. Ensign V. Voloshin, communications- officer-on-duty, Private G. Kulik, and Ensign B. Levin eventually witnessed three objects altogether over the facility, the third appeared to be cigar-shaped, multicolored with flashes of red. One object flew to a second object and both disappeared (Russia’s Roswell Incident; Stonehill, Mantle, Torres, 2012).


The government secret base at Pine Gap, Australia, the home of multiple rumors, also housed a number of UFO secrets and spy stories. One such mystery not mentioned by Redfern was the death of investigative journalist Danny Casolaro.Researcher Kenn Thomas said this of the Calsoaro mystery on June 7, 2001:

Investigative reporter Danny Casolaro’s was “suicided” and his notes and tape recorder were missing.

“Circumstances shrouded Danny Casolaro’s death in mystery, the single aspect of his research that led to his death may never be known for certain. Hotel workers in Martinsburg, West Virginia found the writer dead in August 1991 in what looked like a faked suicide.

“The ‘head’s up’ warning flashed among students of the conspiracy culture when they learned that files he had on him were missing and the details of his investigative work slowly emerged from friends, family and fellow investigators. Casolaro previously had warned these same people not to believe any reports that he might have wanted to take his own life in some farm of ‘accident.’ The fishy circumstances of his death and the probable motivations of his possible killers remain oblivious.

“Danny Casolaro sought to document and expose a sea of covert operatives, super-surveillance software and transnational spies. He called the monster he saw swimming in that sea ‘the Octopus.’  It consisted of a group of US intelligence veterans that had banded together to manipulate world events for the sake of consolidating and extending its power.

“Of course it involved the Kennedy assassination, but that was just one of many coups and assassinations pulled off by the Octopus since the end of World War II. The group had come together over a covert operation to invade Albania that was betrayed by famed British turncoat Kim Philby. The Octopus had overthrown Jacob Arbenz in Guatemala in 1954. It had targeted operations against Fidel Castro culminating in the Bay of Pigs. It also had tentacles in the political upheavals in Angola, Rhodesia, Zimbabwe, Nigeria, Chile, Iran and Iraq.

“Casolaro had as his main concern Octopus involvement with putting Ronald Reagan in power—the infamous October Surprise—and the role that played in introducing the PROMIS software into police systems around the world.

“Casolaro’s catalogue of membership in the Octopus included such notorious spooks as John Singlaub and the late CIA director William Colby. As heads of the Phoenix assassination program in Vietnam they had implemented an early version of the PROMIS tracking software to keep tabs on the Viet Cong. Other Octopus tentacles included characters like E. Howard Hunt and Bernard Baker, who later emerged as Watergate burglars.”


Financial suspicion in this case was identical to one that happened on Assassination Day, November 22, 1963.  A  mysterious Tony DeAngelis misrepresented his holdings of thousands of tons of salad oil with faked American Express warehouse receipts in order to get bank loans. The New York Times editions that came out before the assassination on that date spoke suspiciously of these facts. “Many people profiteered from the short-selling spree on the markets consequent to that and news of JFK’s murder, including American Express magnate Warren Buffet and a transnational entity called Bunge Corporation, known in the financial literature of the time as “The Octopus,” said Thomas. A dramatic book on the JFK assassination (We Were Controlled?), and its pseudonymous author Lincoln Lawrence, argued that DeAngelis, Jack Ruby, and Lee Harvey Oswald were all mind-controlled in their actions on that day. Thomas’ book NASA, Nazis & JFK: The Torbitt Document and the JFK Assassination (Kempton, IL: Adventures Unlimited Press, 1997) laid out the pattern of events. The twists and turns seemed endless: Earl Brian, at one time a brain surgeon, and the other Watergate-Inslaw connection, E. Howard Hunt, had a phone relationship with Casolaro; this all seemingly connected to mind control operations, and the Casolaro story took-on some extremely interesting intrigue.


PROMIS (Prosecutor’s Management Information System) was invented in the 1970s and 1980s as a means of domestic and global surveillance, later developed by the Inslaw Corporation. The coup de grace was the ‘development’ of  such  plans by President Ronald Reagan’s running-mate and later Vice-president, CIA Director George H.W. Bush.  As was eventually discovered, the muddled mystery extends far into Spy and Spook Land (far beyond the length of this report) with roots that reach for miles.

Informant Michael Riconosciuto claimed that he had  made his modifications to PROMIS on the tribal lands of the Cabazon Indians in Indio, California as part of a joint project the tribal administrators had with a private security firm known as Wackenhut.

Casolaro’s death may have had to do with the Octopus and manufacturing fraud at Hughes Aircraft, a company that had a long history of exclusive and secret deals with the US government (many involving Area 51) for aerospace technologies. The mystery probably extended far beyond fathomable discovery. Casolaro, however, had crashed into this corruption in his pursuit of Octopus.  A contact he made the day before he died, Bill Turner, gave him documentation of the fraud at Hughes. Turner noted that Casolaro added these papers to the companion bulky file of Casolaro research.  After they found Casolaro’s body,Turner got himself arrested on a bank robbery charge in order to remove himself from any further involvement.

The joint venture between the Cabazon Indian tribe and Area 51’s Wackenhut did exist, at least between 1981 and 1983, and Michael Riconosciuto certainly was involved with it at least in some capacity.  A report from a task force of the sheriff’s office of Riverside County, California placed Riconosciuto at a weapons demonstration with Earl Brian (“of the CIA”) put on by the Cabazons and Wackenhut.

Riconosciuto also claimed that he had a tape documenting threats made against him by another Justice Department official, but he had thrown it in a marsh near Puget Sound the night he was arrested on trumped up methamphetamine charges.Casolaro spent many days searching the Puget Sound bog to no avail, looking for the tape that ostensibly could verify the claims of “Danger Man,” Casolaro’s nickname for Riconosciuto.

The Puget Sound incident connected to a famous early UFO event, the 1947 Maury Island UFO case…that event of six flying saucers seen by harbor seamen that left behind slag debris that had been witnessed, or hoaxed, by the business partner of Riconosciuto’s father, a man named Fred Lee Crisman. (In the 1960s, Crisman was subpoenaed by New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison as part of his investigation of the Kennedy assassination.Some researchers claimed that Crisman was one of the “railyard tramps” arrested near Dealy Plaza on November 22, 1963; others note that he possibly gave refuge on his Oregon ranch to a member of the Minutemen, an early militia group investigated by the Warren Commission.)

In Joan Mellen’s book A Farewell to Justice, Fred Crisman had been identified as one of the hundreds of ‘spooks’ working secretly for the Intelligence community. In her voluminous research on the history of Jim Garrison and the Kennedy assassination, Mellen discovered that Crisman had association with the Offut Air Force Base and worked with the United States Army Air Defense Command.  A FOIA request of September 13, 1969 revealed Crisman as Agent 4250.  A comment appeared: “…a man that is dangerous to the future of America.”


What did Casolaro know of the Crisman connection, the part it played in Area 51 and the other secret airbase that held his attention, Australia’s Pine Gap?

Pine Gap is the top secret American underground base located near Alice Springs in the Northern Territory of the land down under, officially known as the Joint Defense Space Research Facility.It was built in 1968 officially to share program data with the Australians.

Renowned intelligence defector Victor Marchetti, who served in the CIA director’s office from 1966 to 1969, now acknowledged that he co-authored the secret agreement between the agency and the Australian Department of Defense on the establishment of the Pine Gap station which investigated spy satellites and intercepted and decoded broadcast communications between foreign powers unfriendly to the U.S: It would check geostationary satellites for wide ranging information on enemy telemetry, radar emissions and telecommunications.

Opposition from the Australians to Pine Gap grew as its nature as an espionage facility outside of Australian control became clear. In his book Crimes of Patriots (New York: W.W. Norton & Co, 1987), author Jonathan Kwitny demonstrated that covert manipulation led to the early end in Australia of the administration of Labor Party Prime Minister Gough Whitlam because of his opposition to Pine Gap.Casolaro saw Kwitny’s inability to see the tentacles of the Octopus. “It didn’t take many people to design the apparatus that would insure the renewal of the lease for the Pine Gap installation near Alice Springs, Australia,” Casolaro wrote.

“After all, how could a democracy spit up a Prime Minister that could sack the security of the Western Alliance?”

Indeed, Gough Whitlam was rousted after his attacks about intelligence agency deceptions over the tragic US policy in East Timor, and the CIA’s funding of Australia’s right-wing Country Party [National Party], as well as his opposition to Pine Gap. Whitlam was not driven from office by an election, but was removed [“The Dismissal”] on a technicality. Similarly, George Bush, Jr. “won” the 2000 election in the US on a court-imposed technicality by a governor-general he had appointed, one who had strong ties to the CIA [and represented the British Commonwealth].

No doubt there was suspicious drama about this destabilization, political intrigue, and deception. Much like the investigations into the labyrinths of the John Kennedy assassination, The Casolaro Mystery intertwined and connected through many modern and latent mysteries:

“The Inslaw case is indeed an octopus with tentacles reaching into many dark places, and this telling barely scratches the surface of the layers of deception and intrigue,” said researchers James Retherford and Sherman DeBrosse in the February 2, 2010  The Rag Blog. “Like any good spy story, the Islaw-PROMIS saga is marked by its trail of dead, disappeared, and discredited, with claims of as many as 50 murdered. The most remembered casualty was investigative reporter Danny Casolaro, whose naked body was found in a blood-filled bathtub in a Martinsburg, WV, hotel room with multiple slash wounds on his arms and wrists.

“Missing was his ever-present briefcase, tape recorder, and notes and outline of his proposed book about the web of intrigue surrounding Iran-Contra, the savings and loan meltdown, BCCI, Contra-connected Wackenhut, Wackenhut-connected INSLAW, the INSLAW-connected October Surprise, and possibly including a secret group of well-connected work-for-hire former spooks running drugs for the Contras.”


Redfern branched out in to wider underground possibilities, such as the Richard S. Shaver Mystery telling of an abandoned race, the Dero, and Tero, which live beneath our feet in the bowels of the planet and do much to hamper and terrorize the lives of surface dwellers. These beings are remnants of ancient civilizations that that long ago left the earth to other worlds to escape from catastrophes on earth. They are also called crypoterrestrials.

“I began to acknowledge that the extraterrestrial hypothesis suffered from some tantalizing flaws,” said the late author Max Tonnies. “I envision that the crypoterrestrials engaged in a process of subterfuge, bending our belief system to their own ends.”

“Elements of the pulp science fiction glory days and the Shaver Mystery exist in the very foundations of ufology and in conspiracy literature on underground alien bases at Dulce, New Mexico,” said Richard Taronto, a California newspaper reporter, columnist and researcher into the Shaver mystery. “In  a 1985 Shavertron interview, John Keel, a longtime FATE columnist and author of such classics as The Mothman Prophesies and Why UFOs?, had this to say about the Shaver Mystery:‘If Shaver and Palmer had not existed, there would be no ufology. It’s that simple.Palmer started FATE magazine and he kept the subject alive during its darkest periods. The mystery had to be created before anyone could undertake to solve it.’”

Taronto also said: “The men who helped create the vocabulary of flying saucers, abductions, and an Underworld full of strange and ancient civilizations are gone now. They died in ordinary and not-so-ordinary ways.  As the future unfolds, their memory may linger only in the legends they helped create.

“’Shaver described the flying saucers, and predicted their appearance,’ said Ray Palmer in an interview just before his death. And all this he said from the information he got from the caves. So whether or not it came from his own mental process of some kind, the information was correct and the information he’s given us has been correct so many times that it’s impossible to discard it as fiction.”

If  Ray Palmer and Richard S. Shaver had not existed, there would not have been a Fred Crisman connection:

“Fred Crisman was flying fighters in the Pacific until the end. Somehow he seems to have been connected with the OSS in World War II also; it may have been in his Air Commando group.In a link to Palmer he sent a letter to his magazine saying he was hit by a Ray Gun in a cave in Burma.Somehow this was linked to the ‘Shaver Mystery’ and the underground world of the Deros. This does seem very strange and some would say Fred is a few bricks shy of a load but in my investigations I found the Japanese were working on a Ray Gun in World War II. It was in development for a long time and tested on animals. The microwave energy caused numerous problems for the researchers. Officially it was never used but officially the A-bomb didn’t exist until it exploded above Hiroshima. When he got home they made him a liaison for Veteran Affairs. Fred ran for county coroner in 1945 but never won the seat.”

John Covington, researcher,


Expansive coverage continues including mysterious deaths of scientists that were contributing to medical breakthroughs at Porton Down and Fort Detrich facilities. Redfern includes the 2001 anthrax attacks. Concerning allegations against the late Dr. Bruce Edward Ivans, Redfern said that “one theory suggested that Ivins was nothing more than a Lee Harvey Oswald–style patsy and that the anthrax attacks were actually the work of rogue elements within the Busch administration.” (p. 193.)

The government’s statements had deepened the questions about the case against Ivins, who killed himself before he was charged with a crime. Searches of his car and home in 2007 found no anthrax spores, and the FBI’s eight-year, $100 million investigation never proved he mailed the letters or identified another location where he might have secretly dried the anthrax into an easily inhaled powder.

Earlier that year, a report by the National Academy of Science questioned the genetic analysis that had linked a flask of anthrax stored in Ivins’ office to the anthrax contained in the letters.

“If you want to commit the perfect crime, first find the perfect patsy.What better candidate could there be then Dr. Bruce Ivins? If you want to rule by fear what better way than an almost invisible poison that could be anywhere,” said Dr. Elliot Lyons on August 4, 2008. “Could this be only a part of a greater conspiracy? I leave it to you to ponder.”


Similar intrigue developed in the topic of “invisibility experiments” and a retelling of the legendary Philadelphia Experiment at the Montauk military installation (now called Camp Hero State Park) and the alleged disappearance of the U.S.S Eldridge from the Philadelphia Naval Yard transmigrated to the Norfolk,Virginia shipyard in a 1943 operation called Project Rainbow. Part of the tale had to do with the materialization and missing of crew members. There was a vague news item about displaced sailors popping-up in a bar and then suddenly vanishing before witnesses. UFO researcher Jacques Vallee believed the underage sailor was slinked out the back door by barmaids giving a semblance of disappearing (February 21, 2007). Talk about secret canals with which submarines could be moved 200 miles from point to point, seemed to add mitigating factors. The use of these Chesapeake and Delaware canals – part of Operation Drumbeat – led to the reality of the central claim of the Philadelphia experiment may have a basis in fact, however. Edward Dudgeon described the event:

“I was in [a] bar that evening, we had two or three beers, and I was one of the two sailors who are said to have disappeared mysteriously…The fight started when some of the sailors bragged about the secret equipment [radar, sonar, special screws, a new compass, etc.] and were told to keep their mouths shut. Two of us were minors…The waitresses scooted us out the back door as soon as trouble began and later denied knowing anything about us. We were leaving at two in the morning. The Eldridge had already left at 11 p.m. Someone looking at the harbor that night might have noticed that the Eldridge wasn’t there anymore and it did appear in Norfolk. It was back in Philadelphia harbor the next morning, which seems like an impossible feat: if you look at the map you’ll see that merchant ships would have taken two days to make the trip. They would have required pilots to go around the submarine nets, the mines and so on at the harbor entrances to the Atlantic. But the Navy used a special inland channel, the Chesapeake-Delaware Canal that bypassed all that. We made the trip in about six hours.” (Jacques Vallee, Anatomy of a Hoax, February 21, 2007).

Still, there had been experiments aboard a U.S.S Timmerman with high-frequency generators producing corona discharges. Redfern does not have much information about the Corona Discharge experiment on the U.S.S Timmerman because there is not readily available information. The following was an alleged summation:

“The Navy performed another experiment on the USS Timmerman’s generating plant in the 1950’s. The experiment tried to obtain 1,000 Hz instead of the standard 400 Hz from the generator (Department of the Navy). It resulted in light discharges. These light discharges may have been witnessed by Carlos Miguel Allende and caused him to start writing letters to prominent men in the scientific community. The Navy believed that Allende mistook the experiment on the Timmerman for the Philadelphia Experiment.”

Dr. David Lewis Anderson had pointedly stated that decades ago he worked on time-travel concepts at the Edwards Air Force Base in California (p. 226).

Researcher Sharon K. Grossman (March 8, 2012) found Anderson to be an intriguing and mystifying person, who had somewhat disappeared – himself – lately. After making the circuit of radio and stage shows speaking of his long career in ‘invisibility research,’ Anderson had somehow become hard to find. Grossman researched into his credentials and he appeared to be everything he said he was, inclusive of many years of professional ventures. One of the companies he was associated with was the TTRC – a company looking into Advanced Time-Technology.


Redfern tries to cover, at least fleetingly, every conceivable military hideout and spy facility, with a few exceptions. He discusses the suspicion that governments are also into weather modification and control, and he highlights HARRP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program) at Gahom, Alaska as being involved in severe weather, including the January 12, 2010 Haitian earthquake, global tsunamis and other destructive weather.

He is much diversified: Redfern even displays Project Horizon operations telling of hidden plans and visual sightings of possible governmental bases on the moon.

“We now know that 50 years ago the U.S. Army was quietly looking to construct just such a facility on the lunar surface via its ambitious Project Horizon plan,” says Redfern. “Karl Wolfe has disclosed truly astounding data related to a huge alien installation on the far side of the moon….Ingo Swann…..a vast moon-based-facility…..”

Erdmann could have added onto this riddle wrapped inside an enigma (there is so much that Redfern could have written about): a theory and story had developed that movie director Stanley Kubrick was hired, due to his vast technological skill and knowledge, to help simulate our Apollo moon landings; this would help disguise what we really did there and what equipment we really used on the moon. Kubrick’s ‘battle’ with the Illuminati Controllers can been glimpsed in the undertone and symbolism in his films, such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Barry Lyndon, Dr. Strangelove, and Eyes Wide Shut, The Shining and others.

The work Room 237, created by Rodney Ascher, Tim Kirk, Todd Hughes, and P. David Erieksole, was a film that goes into depth on the topic of the hidden meanings and personal travails of Kubrick’s The Shining.


Through the revelations of his wife Christiane and other facts, it was suspected that a special movie set was held-over for filming by MGM in England. Kubrick felt he would then be accepted into a larger ‘inner circle’ of elitism, but instead he was shunned.  His mea culpa and confession was hidden in symbolism and hidden messages in various films, such as The Shinning and Eyes Wide Shut. It was ironic that at the time he was producing 2001, Kubrick was also reading the book Eyes Wide Shut.

Kent Daniels Bentkowski, as well as other researchers, has examined the double entendre and hidden symbolism in Eyes Wide Shut – 24 figures that lead to and cover for the Illuminati, the Iron Fist, the Velvet Glove, and the Synarchy: the Synarchist Group of Global Rulers. This scary group was traced back to the Occult Theorcracy as far back as 1520 and even the Knights Templar in 1118. (Occult Theocracy, Edith Miller.)

“This is also a fitting metaphor for our times,” said Bentkowski, speaking of the Alice Through The Looking Glass and Down The Rabbit Hole metaphors outlined in the movie, as in the use of mirrors, “as many people seem to be fast asleep as to the evil that is being carried out in their names, and in the names of their children, and our nation: the down the Down The Rabbit Hole metaphor…the corruption of all levels of Law Enforcement and the Judiciary, where justice can indeed be purchased, if the price is right.”

Stanley Kubrick mysteriously died four days after delivering the final cut of Eyes Wide Shut to Warner Brothers.

Inherent in the scenery are allusions to media propagandists like Conrad Brean and Stanley Motss in the movie Wag the Dog, hired mogul-theatric-guns, that even competed with or work aligned to the CIA and the intelligence community to create politics as “much the art of media manipulation” (Mimi Lu, November 30, 2007). ‘‘The essential elements of propaganda in stirring up public sympathy for the government cause,” said Lu, “with enervating cynicism, it (the movie) satirizes the hypocrisy of the government and malleable media and the exasperatingly naïve public.”


“Whatever the truth behind these very latest developments in the world of secret government bunkers, bases, and installations, I will say…as our society heads off into Orwellian territory…a certain pair of words…KEEP OUT!”

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