Dying and living to tell about it is one thing but dying again and having alien contact? That is another story and it is mine. Truth is stranger than fiction. We are each the author of our own life story. My story of aliens and apparitions is truth to me because it is my experiences on this planet as a humanoid sentient intelligent beings. I am involved with others of my kind who are in the “Game of Life”. Join me and contact us. I say “US” as in “WE”.

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I am here as an explorer and observer in a life journey that has a spiritual path. We all get lost sometimes and that is why there are those who have experienced life on the planet prior and returned. I am one of those we call avatar ascension masters or so I am told. For lack of better words in communication I grasp for the meaning of my spirit to express what my soul is yearning to convey. Here on Gaia as planet earth I choose to share what experiences I co-create. We are all co-creators and we explore the infinite possibilities on our spiritual journey. Alien contact is a journey into the “Cosmos Connection”.

We are all here to share in the birth-life-death process. We are humanoids on this planet which is only one planet in a habitable zone which exists in all galaxies. I have a cosmos connection to other galaxies in other universes. My story involves being alive and well on planet earth and being a commander of communication. This may sound strange to most however being weird is part of alien contact. I am resolved to the fact that my soul’s journey is about being an example with words that to some will be alien to their ears, and their way of being in their ethnic culture.

Dying to be Starborn may have been a choice before I came to this planet. Those of you who have known of me and my writing articles or books will have seen my growth in what I share as another person who shares their life’s work in words.

Dr. Bruce Maccabee Ph.D.

Dr. Bruce Maccabee Ph.D. in physics, Ufologist has a history on earth with CIA FBI UFO Connection, with NICAP, and MUFON. Now, he has crossed my path and we have exchanged words live on the air on the TJ Morris ET Radio Show on Blog Talk Radio and Revolution Radio on Freedom Slips. Dr. Maccabee launched the first Cosmos Connection on Saturday night. Then he came back and interviewed me the host of my own show. What a twist. I heard him say the words, “You were Reborn!” How alien that was to me. That was on the Alien Contact Org Show with Dr. Bruce Maccabee. I found out from another human on earth that I had “Died to be reborn as a Starborn!” The link if anyone is interested in our co-creations can be found at blogtalkradio.com/TJMorrisETradio


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