Elements of Earth

Earth is considered to be one of the most important elements of Earth. Magic people use the common Earth, Air, Fire, Water, and Spirit as their spiritual center even though today we are aware of many more elements for use. The alchemists of the previous age experimented with science and magic hoping to make new elemental combinations materialize. Because of my intense connection to the spiritual world I myself experiment with new ideas and concepts, accepting them once or twice and then deciding on a belief system would be foolish, so I continue to test the boundaries of reality and religion.

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God can be compared to the ultimate magician in that he is like a spell told with words and books who is than awaken into consciousness, into a living piece of the spirit world whether it is true or not it is realized. He breathes to life souls inside of people with poetry and legends. God teaches us about perception and also the light. It is important to understand that you don’t always have to observe a God or Goddess from Earth but by spiritual standpoints. When looking at the sun I notice that it is warm and perfect and I crave to feel its touch on my skin, yet by the standpoint of other planets the sun is a harsh guardian. The moon on the other hand sits by as my protector and is beautiful and changes form constantly while the sun will be consistent until the day that it dies out. The moon always seems to center on our souls, it almost seems like it instantly connects to us and there is no one else in the world but you and the moon. It pulls at us like our souls are tides in an ocean.

My point is that the lights in the universe affect us because we are sensitive beings. In order for us to have survived this long on the Earth we had to sacrifice many things that we felt were important or precious because we believe in the power of the future. If you change your perception you can change the whole world order. The elements of Earth are going to be able to survive elsewhere because starting from day one the human species has always had the natural inclination to seek elsewhere. Always moving, changing, evolving into what finally? And where?


The other day, I met up with a person who is a government worker who has access to secret information and tells me they work with scientists who gather various plants, animals, bugs, algae, fish, bacteria, etc. I was intrigued because this person tells me that NASA is soon planning to collect bacteria that grows off the Sea of Japan and also grows off a coastline of California. Life has been discovered nearly a mile and half underground, raising hopes that this bacterium might be able to survive deep beneath the surface of other planets.

Researchers found the single-celled organisms living inside coal beds more than 8,000ft below the seabed off the coast of Japan. It is the deepest life has yet been found beneath the ocean. The bacteria receive little sunlight, due to the fact that it’s so far deep in the water. If a planet is being circle by a blue dwarf star, it will not receive much sunlight. NASA plans to use this bacterium to seed other planets. The permit that has this justification of collecting this bacterium has been approved by the government. The bacteria is called: Psychropiezophiles.

To believe an organism like this exists, and could possibly exist elsewhere, is not a strange idea because that is why NASA is going to be looking through California and Japanese coastline to collect samples. 

They are searching for organisms that will survive on other planets. Our bit of bacteria could colonize on a whole other planet entirely. They are ready to take the steps forward in this process.

The Future

The portals to the future can be found today. You can access whatever dimension that you choose to belong to through the acts of today. Earth is a precious crystal, prisms of time shooting through all layers. There is a beautiful spirit about Earth that seems to be alive unlike so many others. This reminds me of spirituality with people. What realm are you in and some people can be standing right beside you but not in your world. Just give into love because with love we can spread hope for the future for everyone. You will have the truth concealed from you many times and complete knowledge is withheld by the government for money, status or power. We live in a times that is scientifically evolving let magic evolve as well. Believe in a beautiful future and live today in that.

The Solar System

I just wanted to remind everybody that there is another beautiful total solar eclipse happening on March 20, symbolizing the universe changing into spring. I like to observe events in the sky before they happen and then instinctively be awed, still, while it is happening.

The moon Is very beautiful and important. I think it is more powerful that we are at a point where we can precisely account for when it will happen and where than what it spiritually symbolizes. It is not going to be visible in America but there is one on April fourth that will be visible from Sacramento, where I live. It is a total lunar eclipse! The Earth inspires us to be incredible!

Do you believe that everything happens for a reason or not? That is part of the world to wonder, it is human nature. We were created from the same bit of the Earth and we are all connected to one another. We do hear each other, see each other and find contentment in our company. 

Even the worst of us do not desire to be alone. We are all elements of the Earth in this sense. Our blood may be mixed with gods, kings, devils, aliens or just human but we are all a part of the same journey as beings of Earth

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