“We are what we think. All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts, we make the world.” – Buddha
Change is a good thing as fresh ideas and ways of doing things replace the things which have or will become stagnant or fossilized. It keeps us humans from being stuck in a rut. But one has to be careful, have a clear vision of what is happening and where things are going. How many times in the past has the status quo been replaced by a revolution of sorts only to have it become the status quo itself. Then we need yet another revolution to change things once again. This cycle keeps repeating itself.
A sign of a spiritual person is that they develop wisdom and discernment. Detachment is used in one of two ways. First is to take our attention away from the external and take a good look at ourselves to see where our lives are at and going to, plus replacing old habits when necessary. We all have talent(s) to offer the world.
We have to make our own path in life. Still we can find articles online or in books that can help us gain insight. There are teachers who can provide advice when asked for. The listener must ask if what is being said is from genuine concern, is ego based or if the adviser’s knowledge or experience is incomplete. Even if the advice is good it may not bring about any kind of positive change or deep transformation. Some information could be kept back so the teacher can keep control over that person’s life. Or the teacher may try to manipulate the information for their own benefit.
Being spiritual means dropping the things that keep us boxed in a bad frame of  mind. This means getting rid of the negative people that do little more than hang around and complain. It’s a wise idea to keep the issues, dramas and luggage to a minimum especially if it’s other peoples.

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