ET as an abbreviation for extraterrestrials has been accepted in poop culture since the movie ET. We are somewhat behind the timeline in our conventional thinking of who or what ET really represents.

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UFOS became well known after the Kenneth Arnold sighting in Washington, United States of America (USA). The best known UFO sightings was the Roswell UFO Encounters in New Mexico USA.

The timing for this does have much to do with all of us who are alive now in this era of time. The Ets have come and gone before in what we know are spacecraft not of earth origin. We for lack of better understanding what we see of certain objects call them unidentified flying objects or UFOS.

Those who are advocates of the study of these UFOS are called ufologists. We have those who research those who actually are the creators of these UFOS and we call them aliens or ET. Timing of how we share information and for what reason about these ET and UFOS does seem alien to most humanoids on the planet. UFOS are timed for certain humanoids to become aware. Being human can have ET implications in the DNA or so we are told. Also in the very core of our permanent immortal essence. Neuro science and cosmology will be making changes in our overall critical mass mind about UFOS and ET or things which are still alien to us all. Metaphysics is growing in ways that explore this era in time dealing with aliens, ET, and UFOS.

We may not understand the ET timing of UFOS but we can certainly agree that some are seen and some are not. Some people are ready for an experience that will change the way we believe, know, rationalize, and even think. Logic and reasoning usually means we share a world with senses used to prove reality. However, we now know that it is also the metaphysical cosmology and mysteries of the unknown and unexplained that keep us involved with moving forward in our growth of our species. We still refer to the A field in Science as the ancient Akashic Field also known as the Hall of Records. It is said in general terms as the place in space where all our thoughts and all our lifetimes are kept as memories that can be felt, seen, and shared for those who have the first gift of spiritual sight inside them. Many of us who use our innovation to explore our soul’s third eye or inner eye seem to be more adept at sighting UFOS and ET. This may be a part of what we are here now to share our lives with those who do not use their inner sight. The eight octave or eighth level above the sacred seven may be a part of sacred harmonics and sacred geometry used in the timing of seeing UFOS. ET UFOS may be different than the alien UFOS. We do know there are many types used in spacecraft not of earth origin. We should explore more about timing of the ET UFOS and what this means in our ET UFOS and what this means in our universal order in chaos.

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