Experimenting On Us Humans

“We seek the free flow of information…a nation that is afraid to let the people judge the truth and falsehood in an open market is a nation afraid of its people.” – John F Kennedy
This is a subject I would have at one time associated with the crew who wear tinfoil hats to keep out unwanted messages from entering their minds. But as I take a look at what is happening in our world and why they are happening, I’m beginning to ask on what is going on behind the scenes. I think this is where we will find the answers to our questions to the situation.
I do believe there are those who are deluded enough to believe anything anytime and others make up stuff as they go along. But what if any of these stories of various experiments are true? For some time now I heard that war was a way of testing new forms of weapons. Now I’m hearing reports of various chemicals and biological substances being tested on soldiers that bring on hallucinations and near total amnesia among other ailments. As if being in an active war zone isn’t stressful enough but I wonder who else in power are trying out on us. Like if post traumatic stress disorder hasn’t affected enough of those who fought in battle.
I’m really not impressed when those really in power gets citizens to give up their day to day lives to fight the “bad guys” under the guise of patriotic duty. There are times when war is necessary to fight any invading forces but it’s as if the aims of war these days have gone from taking someone else’s land to what I have described in the above paragraph. How much mind control experiments, doublethink and various drugs are involved to keep things like war going on. People that “sleep walk” through life in a stupor are those easiest to control.
Every time any of these cases go to court, it seems to get dismissed some how. I read that medical records were destroyed after the experiments were done. How long do people who took part in these tests have to suffer from hallucinations and nightmares before any kind of compensation is paid out? But too often it seems that those in charge are hoping the clients will just die off before anything can be done.
I understand that in 2008, 350 British servicemen who served as test subjects at Porter Down in Britain were awarded close to $6million for their participation in mind control experiments. In 2004, the Canadian government offered eligible veterans $18,000 payments for their involvement in experiments at Canadian testing facilities. I hope this is a trend that has continued.
Ron Murdock
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