Extraterrestrials and UFOs: Disclosure, acclimation, security work together

Researchers and people interested in the field of UFOs and possible visitation to Earth by other intelligent beings sometimes seem to feel that information disclosure and information security are mutually exclusive.

This might not be the case. In fact, security, public acclimation and readiness could be part of the disclosure process.

One case may serve as an example. A former U.S. Air Force counterintelligence agent was alleged to have been involved in information security about the UFO phenomena.

The same agent was also reportedly involved in some elements of a public acclimation process, according to published reports.

This type of scenario may also apply to several kinds of sensitive and complex issues, including scientific, human development, geopolitical or other matters.

Image: Insignia of US Air Force
Office of Special Investigations


This is not to suggest that people shouldn’t continue to try to learn more about a wide range of conventional and unconventional subjects. Delving into important areas of knowledge and understanding is valuable and appropriate.

And, secrecy can sometimes be applied for inappropriate reasons. The application of secrecy and security is itself a complex issue worthy of examination.

Yet, wouldn’t it seem wise to link disclosure to public readiness?

Public reaction to UFOs and a wide range of other unconventional phenomena or awareness could be unsettling or frightening for many people. This appears to be a reasonable and longstanding concern.

Some people are at the forefront of exploration and discovery, while others may be reluctant to consider alternative or expanded concepts about the universe around us, and within us.

It seems appropriate that we are aware of a wide range of reactions by many people in the general population.

But for those pioneers and forward-thinking Americans and people internationally, many opportunities may exist to test various theories and hypotheses about extraterrestrial visitors, human consciousness, ESP and telepathy, multiple dimensions and many other leading-edge ideas.


For example, the Spectrum Video and Film company of Phoenix, Arizona, launched an innovative and interesting project June 5, 2010.

Their live webcast, “Experience: Contact” can be looked at as an experiment to test and utilize group consciousness and intention in attempts to contact extraterrestrial visitors.

Sounds far-fetched?

Actually, many theories in psychology, theology, philosophy and human consciousness research suggest that at deep levels, there are fundamental and fascinating connections among the minds of humans. 

Deep down, interesting things happen.

Spectrum Video and Film are the creators of a TV series concept called “Paranormal Matrix.” To visit their website and learn more about the June 5 “Experience: Contact” webcast, go to the Paranormal Matrix site and explore their research and activities.

The type of innovative experiments such as the “Experience: Contact” webcast might make us all more open to unconventional efforts, projects and activities of many kinds.

Maybe some officials in the national security, intelligence and related fields are also using unique ways to look at unconventional situations.

We are learning that the Universe or multi-verse is a very mysterious place.

Even more mysterious … the human mind, human soul and the connections and consciousness deep, deep within all of us.

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