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‘Project SERPO’ could be small part of a changing world

by Steve Hammons
Posted April 7, 2006

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If the “Project SERPO/Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT” mission – 12 U.S. military personnel sent with friendly extraterrestrial visitors to another planet in the 60s and 70s – turns out to be true, what will it mean for Americans and the human race? The simple answer may be: We don’t know.

The most recent information release from the alleged anonymous former Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) official seems to make such a project appear more real. It is a list the equipment and supplies – over 90,000 pounds of it – that reportedly was taken by the team for a planned 10-year stay on a planet called Serpo.

Loaded on board one of the visitors’ highly-advanced spacecraft that landed at a U.S. military facility in the mid-1960s, the gear was reportedly then transferred to a larger ship for the nine-month journey to Serpo. The list makes for very interesting reading. It was recently posted on the Web site that is serving as a platform and clearinghouse for this information.

This supply list is one more piece of the release of alleged highly sensitive information about a secret program. It is the latest addition to reports about how and when the project began, selection and training of the military personnel, the commander’s log of the journey and experiences on Serpo, their scientific research there and other complex factors about the operation.

Assuming for a moment that the information could be true, what is the purpose of releasing it and what could be the effects? We can only speculate.

Our country and the Earth seem closer to disaster sometimes – terrorism, a global world war of sorts, biological warfare, nuclear detonation, the emergence of dictatorship and severe climate disruption, to name a few. Could the knowledge that we are not alone and a more clear view of Earth from above help us in dealing with these threats?


There are many people demanding “disclosure” of information about government research and intelligence on UFOs and extraterrestrial visitors to Earth. What if the disclosure has already taken place, but in a subtle and gentle way that is gradually preparing us for more surprising information?

It has been reported that many movies, writings and even TV commercials about extraterrestrial visitors have sometimes been part of an “acclimation” program to inform us about the situation. This would seem to be a form of disclosure.

The Project SERPO/Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT information that has gradually surfaced in recent months would certainly be taking disclosure to the next level: Concrete information about an amazing operation involving the highest and deepest levels of U.S. military and intelligence operations.

That is, if the information is accurate. It could just be someone’s vivid imagination. It could be some kind of false trail to embarrass UFO researchers. Or, it could be what is claimed by those releasing the information: The decision by former and current officials within the DIA to release some of the historical record about a fantastic mission.

In evaluating new information about all kinds of unusual projects, situations and phenomena, it might be useful to realize that there could be deception, secrecy and there might be “need to know” criteria that limit what can be shared with us.

But, good people are working to make the world a better place and help the human race move forward. And many are involved in these kinds of activities. Sometimes, they are out front and sometimes behind the scenes.


Some researchers speculate that the human race is undergoing a significant developmental change on the psychological, neurological, biological and spiritual levels.

Even in terms of physics, the structure of our world might be changing. Energies around us could be evolving. Our consciousness, as individuals and together, might also be transforming. Our world might be moving to a higher and deeper level of sorts.

In this sense, Project SERPO/Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT might be just one small part of much larger situations that involve a complex combination of our human condition, the Earth’s destiny and a reality that is going to change somewhat significantly for us.

Some of the other puzzling indicators that multiple developments are underway include the expansion of the knowledge about and competence in “remote viewing” by many people.

We are now realizing that there is another sense we can use to perceive. The inner connection to information, feelings and insight through remote viewing is expanding among a wide range of people from all walks of life.

U.S. military men and intelligence professionals who helped develop modern remote viewing understanding are now functioning as teachers of this phenomenon. Are similar military and intelligence people now also educating us about the UFO and extraterrestrial visitor situation through the Project SERPO/Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT releases?

Most people would probably agree that our world could use some positive changes. Continued war, terrorism, suffering, poverty, mindless killing, cruelty, destruction of natural resources, injustice and many other disturbing problems should not continue, if we can help it. Business as usual is not acceptable to many good people.

The effects of the efforts by people trying to make the world a better place are often unclear. Are their efforts useless or will they bear fruit and pan out? And what will be the outcomes?

We can hope for the best and prepare for the worst. We can do what we can. We can pray. We can continue to consider the information available to us and learn what we can from it.

The Project SERPO/Project CRYSTAL KNIGHT information, and insight about other situations of interest, are ways we can consider possibilities and dream about a better world.

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