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Suspect Zero is a movie starring: Aaron Eckhart, Ben Kingsley and Carrie-Anne Moss. FBI Agent Tom Mackelway finds himself caught in a cat-and-mouse game with a brutal serial killer, and all clues point to a renegade agent “gone native.” Trained by the government to use his psychic abilities to track and capture other serial killers, the renegade is killing other serial killers and claims to be in pursuit of the ultimate serial killer, a man he calls Suspect Zero. For more information on Suspect Zero click here.

“Remote viewing” could soon lead to something greater than simply using our natural “sixth sense” to gather information and intelligence as well as improving our understanding of our surroundings.

One day soon, we might find that phenomena like remote viewing will lead us to a significant breakthrough that will change the world.

The technique called remote viewing reportedly taps into the human unconscious and the deeper levels of energy.

The physics of remote viewing allows people to reach greater awareness about many things, perhaps including other dimensions of our natural world that we normally don’t pay full attention to.

A significant breakthrough might occur when enough people begin to understand the simple and natural basis of remote viewing.

A tipping point could be achieved when our shared view of the human mind and our understanding about a larger force become more clear.

Such a paradigm shift could have very positive ramifications for all aspects of human development. How such a shift might look and feel is unclear.


When the technique called remote viewing was developed in the 1980s by U.S. Army intelligence, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) and private sector researchers, a major goal was to use the method to gather intelligence on foreign powers.

Other objectives included understanding the science of remote viewing. How did our views of physics and the human brain fit into these discoveries about extra-sensory perception (ESP)?

Eventually, psychological and scientific theories provided reasonable explanations about how and why remote viewing works. The idea that we are linked to deeper perceptions and that feelings, consciousness and energies are somehow connected was nothing new.

Even the Army intelligence remote viewers soon made the connections between this technique and spirituality. Some saw that remote viewing had many other applications that could be more profound than gathering intelligence using their sixth sense.

Remote viewing had applications for the practice of medicine, behavioral health, social development, various sciences and discoveries of all kinds. But where was it really going to lead?


The military and the intelligence community could tap some of the potential, but it would probably be for limited purposes. And, there was a tendency to try to keep this information secret. Some feared it could be used for purposes that were not good.

Mainstream professionals in the fields of psychology and the sciences were naturally reluctant to accept some of the claims made about remote viewing. It seemed too far out on the fringe to be respectable.

Journalists and those in the media were often equally reticent about exploring remote viewing and presenting the information to the public in an understandable, thorough and impartial way.

However, over the years, more and more people around the world have learned about remote viewing and what it means. Books have been written. TV shows and movies have covered the topic. Training programs for the public have been developed.

And, there are rumors that remote viewing training has expanded within the military and the intelligence community.

Around the world, remote viewing slowly but steadily became a topic of interest for people from all walks of life. The implications of millions of people taking advantage of basic understanding about their sixth sense have become quite encouraging.

It seems reasonable to hypothesize that when a critical mass of people (sometimes called “the hundredth monkey” phenomena) have sufficiently grasped the implications of remote viewing, we may experience a new level of human consciousness and development.

Something might happen. Something unusual or something very natural, or both.

That will be a good day. It may arrive next year. It may come next week. It may be today.


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