Among the many weapons used by the Nazis in WWII were the dark powers of the occult.

Few people realize the extent of tactics that were used by the American and Allied Forces to counter the Nazi aggression of World War II. Reading something like a good fiction novel, all matters of deception and even the super natural were utilized in an effort to liberate Europe from Hitler’s grasp. Dwight Eisenhower, Supreme Commander and head of Operation Overlord, was instrumental in initiating all possible avenues that could plausibly aid in anticipating the intentions of the German Wehrmacht even if those efforts involved the occult.

The quest for propaganda

As early as the late 1920’s German government sanctioned archeological expeditions were studying the Egyptian ruins in search of occult related intelligence that could be used to manipulate public opinion. The ancient Egyptian gods seemed a perfect means of justifying imperialistic designs for the rest of the world that were harbored by the growing Nazi party influence. Mysticism seemed a great substitution for morality and public conscience in view of the future designs of Nazi propaganda in vilifying Jews and other factions opposing their party.

Early Sociological findings

German sociological studies were unintentionally instructive in demonstrating why multicultural societies could actually destroy the cohesiveness of a society and dilute political purposes such as patriotism. However, this was not their ultimate intention. There was a sinister angle to the Nazi interpretation of the Egyptian hieroglyphs embedded into the inner walls of the ancient pyramids. They sought to rewrite history in such a way that supported expansionism and demonizing of minority factions, namely Jewish descendants, within German society.

The role of star charts

It is not widely known that Astrology became a major focus for the Allied intelligence corps as well as Hitler’s personal reliance upon such advice from his own staff of astrological predictors. An intense game of anticipating where the German army would concentrate its forces to repulse the coming Allied amphibious invasion. Many aspects of the war were considered when relying upon Astrology as a tool of anticipating each opponent’s ultimate moves on the fluid game board of the European continent. Where would bombing strikes be more effective? Where would Field Marshall Irwin Rommel concentrate his Panzer Divisions? Where would Goering’s Luftwaffe be most likely to defend more aggressively against the US Air Force B-17 Flying Fortress squadrons?

These objectives were run by astrological analysis. Aside from rubber mold injected facsimiles of US tanks, jeeps, troop trucks, and even paratrooper dummies that would be dropped over France during the invasion, the Allies were pursuing every possible method of trickery to mislead German intelligence over where the main force of the invasion would strike. Rumors of General Patton being assigned a command to attack from the coast of Spain reached German command and caused panic. So much that Hitler was convinced that the main landing zone for the combined Allied forces would be Pas-de-Calais, a port city in Northern France, and the nearest point to Great Britain from across the English Channel.

From suspect to advisor

In 1923 one Ernst Krafft, a Swiss astrologer, made a stunning impression upon Nazi leadership when he predicted a man who would come to power in Germany as well as an assassination attempt upon Hitler in 1939. Having been picked up and interrogated by the Gestapo, he was deemed innocent. Krafft was then employed by Hitler as an advisor and part of Joseph Goebbels propaganda ministry. It was Ernst Krafft’s assignment to analyze the predictions of Nostradamus in such a way as to lend legitimacy to the Nazi cause. This among many other weapons of disinformation became part of the Nazi arsenal of psychological warfare. As a matter of fact, Operation Barbarossa, the Eastern Russian offensive, was commenced under advisement of Krafft’s astrological prediction.

From refugee to consultant

Louis De Wohl, a well-known astrologer in Germany, forced to flee due to the persecution of Jews that began in the mid-1930’s, would find himself under assignment by the British intelligence in trying to offset the German use of Ernst Krafft as their astrological consultant. In rank as a Captain for the British, De Wohl’s rewritten quatrains of Nostradamus predictions that indicated Hitler’s downfall were airdropped and distributed all over occupied Germany and Europe to offset the sense of Nazi entitlement to an inevitable fate of rationalized conquest.

Truth despite astrological prediction

It is known that Rudolf Hess, a ranking Nazi staffer and aid to Hitler was also heavily involved in the occult. It was Hess who made a discreet solo flight to Scotland in an attempt to negotiate a peace treaty with the Allies. De Wohl was not considered to be any kind of a guru or prophet by his contemporaries did come to the conclusion that using his charts, he saw Germany’s global war as futile. British intelligence continued to use his predictions as a way of convincing not only Germans but the English that Germany’s war was not winnable.

Eerie methodology

Within the twisted convolutions of the Nazi war effort were other weird and perverted efforts at influencing the bloody agenda of World War II. Séances were held among the occult practicing factions of the Nazis that attempted to bring about help for the German cause of world domination from the spirit world. Luckily, as history would have it these attempts obviously failed.

Racing against the inevitable

With the technological race that went on at a fiery pace for such developments as rocketry, nuclear weapons, advanced flight, and even more bizarre aspects of the war, time ran out for the Nazis. As Allied bombings and the advance of armies from Normandy and Russia simply over whelmed the exquisitely trained German Wehrmacht, it slowly descended into the depths of defeat. Few will ever know just how bizarre and uncanny the quest for victory had pushed both the Nazis and Allies to as the inevitable impact of war made its presence felt upon our world.

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