From the Journal of Cheetah and Jane: Reincarnation

Everything was white. The woman who carried me wore a white dress. She brought me to a woman in a white bed. The woman reached up to touch my right foot and mumbled, “I have a girl.”

I remember thinking, “She sounds happy, but her face does not show it!”

Of course, my mother had experienced the relentless hours of bringing me into this world and she was simply worn out. But, at that moment, and for many years, I felt disconnected from her, until she was ready to pass from our world into the next. As for my father, I developed a very close bond.

On the night of my birth, every light in my parents’ house was on and the doors and windows were open. The neighbors came to investigate, because they knew that was not normal.

My next vivid memory occurred when I lying in the crib at my parent’s home. I felt a chill. I opened my eyes only to see a fleeting shadow and I was afraid. I was frightened, because I knew I was totally helpless and had to depend on someone else. Then, like someone had thrown a bucket of water on me, I knew! I knew I had lived a different life! I had fallen from a great height…and…now…I was in this crib. Maybe, it was from a plane crash or maybe it was falling out of some building. But, as I grew up, I would always be afraid of heights. I did not like knowing I had to go through life again!

Now, I’ve heard many stories about people experiencing life again through reincarnation and it was for growth. In fact, they had volunteered to come back again and again. How come I did not feel that way? What was my purpose in coming back? Most people do not know they have lived before…and…maybe…if they did…they would probably feel the same way. I DON’T WANT TO BE HERE! I DON’T WANT TO GO THROUGH LIFE AGAIN!

I guess that’s why I did not start talking when most children did, because I was trying to get over the shock! Mother gave me the nickname, “Shy.” It was the only way she could explain ‘why’ I never spoke. I was just too shy!

Eventually, I had to speak, especially when my younger brother, ‘the worm,’ began talking up a storm before I did. At that time, I was becoming labeled as being somewhat dim-witted, and I certainly could not let Worm become known as the “Smart One.” If anything, he was more of a “dirt digger.”

I can still remember him blackmailing me whenever I did something wrong. “I’m going to tell on you, if you don’t give me something.”

Eventually, we connected by becoming best friends usually playing a game we invented, “Cheetah and Jane.” One can figure out how we came up with the idea which came from watching lots of Tarzan movies. One should also figure out who played Cheetah and who became Jane.

We were also connected by having near-death experiences. Worm entered this life through a near-death experience. He came into this world again, but was not able to breathe. His ability to contact the decease is his gift, if he chose to do so.

As I grew older, my life would become quite extraordinary. I spent a great part of my childhood trying to look normal. That’s right! I was born with two handicapping conditions. One was with my eyes and the other with my feet. If it had not been for medical science, I would have been blind and unable to walk. If it had not been for medical science, my psychic ability would not have lain hidden and I would have been forced to develop it.

Opening the door to the other side is something I have fought NOT to do! Again, why would I know this? Perhaps, I had been a soothsayer in another life. However, there are times when paranormal or the unexplained situations have occurred. I have done my best to avoid these happenings. Sometimes, I see things and sometimes I hear things. But, when my children began experiencing some of these events, I knew it was for real!

Maybe, it was my inheritance. My father was very intuitive and the stories I heard about him are amazing! My mother read the fortune of others through using tea leaves as her divination tool. But, I never had a desire to read for others. It was not for me.

However, no matter how my gift came into being, I would use it willingly or unwillingly again and again much as a flame attracting a moth. It was part of nature.

Coming next week, a near-death experience at the age of two


Shy Brown has experienced two near-death experiences and other unusual encounters. She is the author of, “Extraterrestrials in my Backyard.” Email: [email protected]




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