Ft.Worth UFO makes national headlines

A B-47 reconnaissance bomber out of Ft. Worth Carswell AFB chased a UFO hundreds of miles.

You might recall the city of Ft. Worth, Texas and it’s guaranteed place in UFO history. In 1947 after the Roswell UFO crash that occurred in the first week of July of that year, Ft.Worth played a seminal role in that compelling event.

Ft.Worth historically linked to Roswell crash

After Major Jesse Marcel recovered wreckage debris of an extraterrestrial craft that crashed on Mac Brazel’s ranch and then supervised the resulting military crackdown and clean up of the crash site, a pivotal moment occurred. Once the headlines of the world announced that the 509th Bomb Wing based out of Roswell Army Air Field had recovered a crashed disk, thanks to Base Commander Butch  Blanchard authorizing Lt. Walter Haute to distribute the news release to local radio stations, a flurry of rapid actions followed.

Military high command quickly intervened and clamped down on the entire circumstance. A new story was manufactured and General Roger Ramey ordered Major Jesse Marcel to fly to Carswell Air Field in Ft.Worth with the Roswell wreckage stored in the belly of a B-29.  Upon arrival at Carswell, Marcel was ordered by Ramey to pose with the debris for a photo sesion with photo journalist James Bond Johnson of the Ft.Worth Star Telegram. Marcel is seen crouching down handling the debris. He is also seen with Colonel Thomas Dubose in the same room.

Only one problem, the Roswell artifacts had been switched with the conventional wreckage of a weather balloon, known as a Rawin sonde radar target. To his dismay, Jesse Marcel was forced to take the blame for misidentifying a weather balloon as a UFO. Time and again years later, Marcel testified that he had handled debris from the wreckage of a space craft not of this world. Marcel was well qualified to make that distinction as he was a nuclear arms arsenal specialist who had written a handbook for and given a presentation to President Harry Truman. I’d say it is quite unlikely that an Air Force officer with such expertise could have made such a blunder.

SAC Bomber crew chases UFO hundreds of miles

July 17, 1957, an RB-47 highly sophisticated ECM laden instrumentation aircraft took off from Forbes AFB Topeka Kansas. Enroute to its destination the six man Strategic Air Command crew in the converted B-47 bomber picked up an identified radar target and began to paint the “Bogie” with their onboard ALA-6DF-receiver, an advanced radar at the time. This flight was designated secret until declassified years later. As the mission transpired and the RB-47 crew continued to track the unidentified contact they were assisted by both ADC code named Utah unit in Duncanville and GCI radar at Carswell Air Force Base in Ft. Worth as a 700 mile UFO chase began that took the 6 man crew from the Pan Handle to East Texas, Louisiana, and finally to the Gulf Of Mexico before losing the target somewhere over Mineral Wells. Once requesting to depart from their original mission and pursue the unknown target a 500 mile per hour chase ensued.

The UFO was lost when it suddenly dived 15,000 feet from its altitude and heading and then became stationary as the RB-47 over shot, forcing the crew to make a hard port turn to maintain contact. This is a common tactic of UFO’s in evading air to air pursuit by their human pilot counterparts. After contact with their unidentified target was broken off, they abandoned their pursuit and a series of lengthy reports were filed and a white washed version of the incident was forwarded to Project Blue Book stating that a commercial jet air liner had been mistakenly interpreted as an unknown target. Case deceptively closed.

Fantastic web cam photo of Ft. Worth UFO makes headlines

Now that we’ve established the historical relevance of Ft. Worth in UFO history we come to the latest incident documented just recently.  What was termed as a “Fast Lightship” was seen descending upon the Ft. Worth from the night skies through the NBC News SkyCam. The white glowing object dives groundward at a 45 degree angle then climbs at a fantastic speed right back into a higher altitude and back into the black void of the nocturnal sky. In seconds a high speed maneuver that would likely kill a human pilot from the G load and wreck the air frame of a conventional aircraft, is demonstrated by a completely superior form of aerial vessel known to us only as a UFO.

Until our next stroll down the unpredictable path of the strange and forbidden, goodbye for now folks.

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