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For the fourth time in as many years, George Noory—the nationally syndicated radio host of the long-running hit show Coast to Coast AM—brought his unique talents, and a number of intriguing guests, to an enthusiastic live audience in Toronto, Canada. And so, on the night of the 22nd of August, at the Queen Elizabeth Theatre in the heart of Toronto’s Canadian National Exhibition fairgrounds, a packed crowd rapturously received the paranormal author/broadcaster and his very special guests, former UK Ministry of Defense official and UFOlogist Nick Pope, and patriotic rabble-rouser extraordinaire Alex Jones. Here is a brief rundown featuring some of the highlights of the night’s events.

A friend and I arrived early for the festivities, laid claim to our seats, and enjoyed the sounds of Noory’s “house band”, The Radd Collective. They mostly played classic rock, and at one point, claimed that they were able to play thirty seconds of “any song we could name”. So, taking them up on their challenge, my friend shouted: “Guess Who! American Woman!” And, what do you know, they played it! Pretty impressive!

As the band played on, we had time to do a bit of networking, running into a number of Toronto’s alternative media elite, who turned out en masse for the show.  Among those in attendance were local Conspiracy Show creator and host  -> Richard Syrett, ZNN news director and exopolitics expert -> Victor Viggiani, psychic healer -> Douglas James Cottrell, and Conspiracy Culture shop owners -> Kadina and Patrick (who put together an amazing show), making this event the place to be for truth-seekers and light-workers.

According to the show’s organizers, and producer Tom Danheiser, there were people in attendance from four provinces, a dozen American states, and even some who’d flown in from overseas. They would not be disappointed.

Floating Stars & Flashing Colors

The festivities kicked off with a rather ostentatious light show that literally filled the large theater with floating stars and flashing colors.

Then, George Noory’s unmistakable voice boomed out through the speakers and he made his way on stage, instantly in command of the huge, capacity crowd.  In his naturally likable style, Noory introduced his family—many of whom were in attendance (including his Mom!)—performed impersonations of both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, and even sang a few songs in his resonant baritone voice.  Also, in what is becoming a George Noory tradition, he picked one lucky lady out of the audience, brought her up on stage, and sang a lovely ballad directly to her as they danced.

Time for the evening’s first guest, the man some call “the real-life Fox Mulder,” former head of The British Government’s UFO project -> Nick Pope!

Mr. Pope spoke at length about such legendary incidents as the Rendlesham Forest sighting, which is also known as the “British Roswell” due to it’s being so well documented by numerous credible witnesses, such as Lieutenant Colonel Charles Halt and other assorted military men.

During the question and answer period, Pope answered a few questions from the audience, including one relating to the possible spiritual nature of the UFO phenomenon. And then, all too soon, it was time for the show’s intermission… and another chance to network with this uniquely informed audience.

Alex Jones‘ Personal Star-Trek-like Teleporter

*** –>  –> ***

After the fifteen minute break, during which many of the assembled took advantage of the facility’s license to sell alcohol or stepped outside for a quick cigarette, everybody filed back into the theatre, where anticipation hung in the air like a chill.  

That’s when the lights dimmed, George Noory came back onstage and, in an air of apologetic solemnity, announced that the evening’s biggest draw, rabble-rousing American patriotic radio host Alex Jones, would NOT be able to make it in person, and would instead be interviewed, as in previous years, via Skype.

The crowd erupted with a barely contained outrage, shouting obscenities and screaming “RIP OFF!

…and that’s when Jones announced that he’d changed his mind, deciding to use his own personal Star Trek-style Teleporter to make the jump from his hometown of Austin, Texas, to the Toronto stage half a continent away!

Obviously, Jones and company had pulled a fast one on the audience, and when Jones finally made his super-dramatic entrance at the back of the auditorium, the crowd leapt to their feet and cheered as though Elvis, the Rolling Stones and AC/DC had spontaneously popped up in their midst all at once!.

In all my years of attending such events, I have never seen someone captivate an audience as fully and as successfully as Jones was able to do on this particular evening. The vibe in the room was electric, and when Jones went into his “Network” routine, quoting the infamous Howard Beal speech about how “I’m mad as Hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!”, all one thousand-plus gathered fans jumped up and shouted along with him, making a noise loud enough to blow Henry Kissinger’s hearing aide to pieces all the way down in Washington DC!

At the end of his presentation, Alex Jones was kind enough to take a large number of questions from the audience, who asked such relevant questions as: “How does poisoning the food, air, and water not affect the Illuminati?” and “How do you tell the difference between disinfo and a real conspiracy?” and also “Are the co-conspirators behind the false-flag terrorist attacks of September 11 ever going to be indicted?”  Alex answered these questions and more as best he could.

Perhaps the evening’s highlight, in my experience, was the post-show “Meet and Greet” where I got to spend some time discussing UFOlogy more in depth with Nick Pope. It turns out there’s a difference between what such public intellectuals are willing to say when on stage, and when engaged in a private conversation away from the spotlight. Tongues loosen and perhaps more dangerous truths “slip out.”

In the relative privacy of the VIP suite on the top floor of the Queen Elizabeth Theater, Pope and I were able to discuss the reality of Zero Point Energy working, how to make contact with a Level One Civilization, and trying to get a confession out of Hal Putoff, who is being threatened into silence by hostile entities.

This year’s event was a real bash—the biggest conspiracy and alternative media cultural event in Canadian history by far. With any luck, next year’s event will be just as good… or maybe—God willing—even better!

Albert Venczel 
August 26th, 2015

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