Is Contact Reproducible?

In this essay, I will explore some of the ways in which other seekers have attempted to achieve contact, comparing and contrasting their methods.

In my previous essay, I established that contact between humanity and an alien intelligence representing a Level One civilization took place during the Apollo 14 space flight in 1971, and that this encounter resulted in a transfer of technological information in the form of an otherworldly “scientific textbook”. Furthermore, I established that, today, Zero Point Energy is working and being suppressed at the highest levels by a secretive cabal operating within the United States government. I ended that essay describing the true nature of the behind-the-scenes battle being waged between these controlling elites and the proponents of public disclosure, casting my lot with those who believe that revealing the true, full extent of the ET engagement with humanity will lead to a more open and democratic society, if not a full-blown Golden Age.

In this essay, I will explore some of the ways in which other seekers have attempted to achieve contact, comparing and contrasting their methods. I will then describe the various different alien groups that have been encountered via these disparate practices.

Let us first address the question of whether or not contact is reproducible. For all intents and purposes, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be. In fact, there is much good evidence to support the belief that contact between human beings and otherworldly intelligences of one kind or another is ongoing on a daily basis. There seem to be a number of ways to go about achieving contact. Let us now compare and contrast some of these methods.

Probably the most common path taken to contact is through occult practice. The varieties of occult methods for contact are far too numerous to list here, but they include everything from OUIJA boards, to the extremely complicated invocations of King Solomon’s Goetic scrying, wherein he attempted to bring demons and elemental forces under his conscious control. Many Ascended Masters have gone this route, leaving us much dense and difficult literature to read and digest. It is my opinion that the occult route to contact is fraught with much peril. Unwitting novices might bring about the manifestation of a demonic entity, which is undesirable.

You have to assume that the forces you contact using occult methods are more cunning than you are. They are tricksters, and they will pretend to help you while surreptitiously weaving a web to entrap you. Because of the fact that there are forces out there that exist only to torment human souls, you’re better off not even trying to attempt contact in this way. It’s a dangerous game. You don’t know what you’re getting into. Even just using a OUIJA board can lead to demonic possession.

The second method that we are going to explore is, in fact, the approved of method for achieving contact, and it is the method that was used by the father of Remote Viewing, Ingo Swann, during his experiments in the Bowery in 1971. It consists of entering into communion with your Higher Self, and at this point, a brief discursion into the metaphysical aspects of this technique is required.

Please bear in mind that the following is a gross over-simplification of an incredibly complex reality.

The first thing you have to understand is that all human beings have a dual, or fractured, nature. By that, I mean that, for the entirety of one’s life on Earth, one is literally split in two. One half exists on the material plane while the “Higher Self”, independent but also intrinsically connected, exists in outer space – “the Heavens”. Upon dying, your spirit (or “breath”) leaves the body and ascends, merging with the Higher Self to become what I call a “Full Ghost”. The Full Ghost, in turn, fractures once again, and re-incarnates on Earth, the Higher Self remaining in outer space, with consciousness manifesting in the new mother’s womb.

This Higher Self aspect is what Ingo Swann contacted back in 1971, when he used meditation techniques to silence his mid-brain and put his frontal lobe into “hyperdrive”, sending himself into an altered state of consciousness. He performed this experiment on more than one occasion, usually while standing in front of a mirror. During one of these sessions, he witnessed his Higher Self merging with his physical body, leading to total integration of the Full Ghost. It was in this enlightened state that Swann realized a few things. Your Higher Self is your best friend. Your Higher Self is not going to deceive you. You have to be open to your Higher Self, and not be afraid to talk with it.

Swann eventually realized that his Higher Self was putting into motion a plan to achieve an Optimal Life. This plan involved Swann’s Higher Self flying to a Level One planet in another solar system. There, he realized the secret to a Level One Civilization’s success – free and abundant energy for everyone – and he came up with a plan to appropriate this technology and bring it back to Earth to benefit all mankind.

A note about the planet visited by Swann: it was made clear to Swann in those early experiments that his next incarnation could manifest on this paradisiacal, Level One planet, but only if he experienced sufficient spiritual evolution. This kind of evolution is possible only through intense study and understanding of the Holy Bible. One has to live it as a lifestyle to pass the test and be trusted to evolve in this way. Those already existing in a Level One state do not want immature souls bringing sin, crime, greed and other malevolent characteristics onto their exalted plane. The reasons for Swann’s failure, so far, to evolve up and out of this carnal existence are his own, personal life-path, and we’ll leave it at that.

We are now going to explore the THIRD method for achieving contact, which involves the Full Ghost being in daily contact with benevolent alien entities – angels, essentially – whom I refer to as “the Good Guys”. These entities acted as the mediators between Swann’s Higher Self and representatives of the Level One Civilization, brokering the technology transfer detailed in our article “Penetration Exposed”. As we explained in detail in that article, this transfer was aided and abetted by Hal Puthoff, Edgar Mitchell, Jacques Vallee, and the mysterious “Axelrod”. All of their Higher Selves communicated with the Good Guys and agreed to work on reverse-engineering Zero Point Energy before they were aware of it on Earth. The nature of the Good Guys is that they are not in concealment to the Ghost or Higher Self aspect of human beings. Therefore, this “agreement” was not on a conscious level. All these men were guided by the intentions of their Higher Selves in communication with the Good Guys.

Finally, the FOURTH method for achieving a form of contact involves deception. Therefore, please take this part of my essay as a warning. It is my hope that by exposing these truths, I am helping a certain, enlightened segment of the population to protect themselves against the depredations of this otherworldly cabal of tricksters and deceivers. On this next point, let me be clear: There are aliens posing as humans walking among us today. These dark minions – some of whom are working at the highest levels of world governments, even walking the halls of the Pentagon – have committed identity theft of the worst kind imaginable, eliminating key individuals, then taking their shape and stealing their identities as well as their coveted positions of power. The imposture is so terrifyingly complete that, most times, friends, family and colleagues aren’t even aware that it’s not the same person.

So, at the beginning of this essay, we asked the question: “Is contact reproducible?” I believe we have fully addressed that question, and that the answer is a definitive YES… contact IS reproducible. Furthermore, that contact on a similar scale to that achieved by NASA continues to happen on an almost daily basis in one way or another as described in the paragraphs above.

Albert Venczel – BIO
Albert Venczel is a natural-born psychic, an alien contactee, and a trained Remote Viewer who is currently working towards a Bachelor of Radio and Television Arts at one of Canada’s most prestigious programs in media production. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and can be reached at [email protected].

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