The information contained in this article comes from the author’s familiarity with and life-long practice of the highly evolved mental technique popularly known as “Remote Viewing”. Indeed, the author has had a personal, even karmic, connection to “the Father of Remote Viewing”, Ingo Swann, throughout both of their lives, which perhaps lends a sense of poetic circularity to the fact that Doctor Swann plays such an important role in the narrative you are about to explore. The other stakeholders in this Byzantine tale are American astronaut, Doctor Edgar Mitchell, of Institute for Noetic Science fame, Doctor Hal Puthoff, a multi-talented scientist and recognized genius in many fields, as well as authoritative UFOlogist Jacques Vallee. Other, lesser figures, will also figure in to this generation-spanning real-life drama.

The main information that the author is attempting to convey in this article can be summed up in three major points, all of which will be further fleshed out below.

The FIRST point is Contact. The author asserts that contact between humanity (in the form of NASA astronaut and admitted ESP experiment participant Edgar Mitchell) and an alien intelligence representing a Level One civilization, with an Earthside psychic assist from Doctor Ingo Swann, took place during the low-earth orbit segment of the Apollo 14 space flight. See below for details about this remarkable encounter.

The SECOND point is that the encounter between Mitchell and these ET’s resulted in a transfer of technological information in the form of an otherworldly “scientific textbook”. This textbook has since been reverse-engineered by Hal Puthoff, who is himself a member of a secretive UFO working group known as “The Aviary” (more on this group later). Perhaps the most important revelation of this article is the incontrovertible fact that, today, Zero Point Energy is working, and being suppressed at the highest levels by a cabal operating within the United States government.

The THIRD point is about the true nature of the behind-the-scenes battle currently being waged between the controlling elites, who insist on excessive secrecy, and the proponents of public disclosure, who believe that revealing the true, full extent of the ET engagement with humanity will lead to a more open and democratic society, if not a full-blown Golden Age.

If, upon reading the information contained in this essay, you sense the truth in it and feel compelled to do your part to help bring about the world-wide paradigm shift necessary to elicit full disclosure, thus adding your number to the gathering Critical Mass, then the author will have succeeded in his goals.

Let us now return our focus to the first point mentioned above, and provide more detail about what happened between Edgar Mitchell and an alien entity during the Apollo 14 mission. Mitchell has, in the past, made frequent mention of the fact that he took part in an ESP experiment during Apollo 14. What he has never revealed publicly is that the Earthside participant in this groundbreaking experiment was none other than natural-born psychic Ingo Swann.

As revealed in his landmark autobiographical work, Penetration, Swann had previously been hired by Majestic-level Deep Black operative “Axelrod” (not his real name) to Remote View the dark side of the Moon. Doctor Swann’s psychic sweep of our lunar neighbor’s hidden side had revealed the existence of a massive underground base populated by a hostile race of “shape-shifters and time-benders”. Subsequently, it was the mysterious Axelrod who arranged for NASA’s Apollo 14 experiment in PSI communication, with his star psychic, Ingo Swann, attempting communication with other, different alien entities.

While Mitchell was in stationary low-Earth orbit, Swann succeeded in eliciting a telepathic reply from an alien entity… this time, fortunately, of a benevolent variety. Swann subsequently invited this entity to go ahead and make physical contact with waiting astronaut, Edgar Mitchell. There is more to the complex inter-world negotiations involved in setting up this “meet and greet”, but those details are better left for another time.

Back on Apollo 14, Edgar Mitchell was the recipient of both a transfer of advanced, non-human technology – the aforementioned alien textbook on Zero Point Energy – as well as a warning about the terrorist attacks that would take place in New York thirty years later, practically to the day. This warning was delivered in multiple ways. The first and most blatant warning came in the form of symbols that were physically etched onto the hull of the Apollo 14 spacecraft – an act that produced an understandable degree of anxiety in astronaut Mitchell. These “hieroglyphs” appeared then exactly as shown in the illustration below.

This particular form of warning would come back to haunt Mitchell many years later when it re-surfaced in the public consciousness as part of the controversy surrounding their appearance as part of Microsoft’s word-processing software WingDing font. If nothing else, this demonstrates the level of invasiveness by alien controllers who are micro-managing human society.

Simultaneous to the above symbols being etched onto Apollo 14’s hull, the benevolent alien also downloads directly into Doctor Swann’s brain a “future seeing vision” of the New York City terrorist attacks. For years afterwards, Swann would suffer recurring dreams about the coming 9/11 attacks, and make numerous attempts to warn authorities, but to no avail. Mitchell, for his part, was the recipient of a more limited degree of “thought insertion”, granting him knowledge of the meaning behind the symbols being shown, but not the detailed visions that Swann was allowed to see.

Upon Apollo 14’s return to Earth, top NASA officials made the decision to compartmentalize the information, going so far as to curtain off the craft so that photographers can only take pictures of the symbols, not the entire craft. That way, if the photos were to leak, NASA would have plausible deniability. Later, when Mitchell is debriefing unnamed officials who are examining the evidence, he explained the meaning behind the symbols, warning them about the future War on Terror. Mitchell also showed other evidence of the incident that lent even more credibility to his account. One army General present for this debriefing was heard to say: “If they want war, I’ll give them war.”

At this point, the narrative takes a disturbing turn.

The aforementioned General, concerned that the photographic evidence may be “disappeared”, decides to take the documents home with him. Unfortunately, upon his arrival, he is confronted by a hostile reptilian shape-shifter who has taken on his identity in order to take his place at the Pentagon. The ensuing fight was brutal in the extreme. Ultimately, the shape-shifter was too physically powerful. In the end, he strangled the General and threw his corpse to the ground. Afterwards, he ran upstairs and tried on one of the General’s shirts, paying particular attention to the collar size.

At this point, what can only be called a Divine Intervention takes place. The murderous, shape-shifting reptilian is instantly teleported back to the moon base, just as the lid is being blown off said base by a large, circular UFO under the control of benevolent Higher Powers. After a brief but violent conflict involving the large circular craft fending off a squadron of Black Triangle craft, all of the inhabitants are set on fire, until there’s nothing left of them but a pile of ash.

Meanwhile, back on Earth, the textbook makes its way to NSA asset Hal Puthoff, then employed at the Stanford Research Institute (SRI). Upon being shown this otherworldly document, Puthoff calls in Jacques Vallee, who also happens to be on staff at SRI.  Puthoff and Swann show Vallee the textbook and ask him to become a UFOlogist. From that point on, Vallee – now convinced of an ET presence engaging humanity, thanks to the evidence placed in his hands – works with Puthoff studying the subject of UFOs and human/alien interaction. His involvement in this field has definitely lent it an aura of credibility, thanks to Vallee’s rigorous methodology and insistence on a strict code of scientific accuracy.

It was also during this meeting that Swann, Puthoff and Vallee consolidated their understanding of the nature of the advance warning that they’d received of the terrorist attacks that would take place in New York on September 11, 2001.

It was during one of Vallee’s field investigations that Puthoff gave him a microfiche containing all the important scientific equations from the alien textbook, asking Vallee to disseminate the information far and wide, in case anything was to happen to either of them before they could reverse-engineer Zero Point Energy.

A brief, layman’s explanation of what exactly is meant by Zero Point Energy would most likely benefit the reader at this point. Essentially, once you create a total vacuum, reaching a Zero Point, what you find there is a unit of force called a “JIGGLY”, which is constantly vibrating. Add to this state a catalyst, and you get an unlimited, non-polluting, free energy source. Needless to say, the spread of such a technology would be world-changing and paradigm-shifting, leading to all the trappings of an abundance-society – flying cars, huge dwellings, etc – at no environmental or financial cost to the individual or the planet. The three keywords here are: Limitless, Non-polluting and Free! Money as we know it could be done away with, entirely.

Unfortunately, that might be one of the things that Zero Point Energy has going against it. Because, obviously, a great many fortunes rely upon the scarcity model of energy resources… specifically fossil fuels such as oil. And that’s where Colonel John Alexander comes into the picture.

Once certain individuals became aware of the existence of both the alien textbook and the technologies described within that textbook, many plans were put into action at the uppermost levels of global power. One such plan was the creation of the Aviary, an above Top Secret level Black Ops Working Group most likely led by Colonel John Alexander of the Pentagon. It is Alexander who meets Puthoff and orders him to get Zero Point Energy working, giving him a blank check to work with, including all the human and intelligence resources that might be needed to achieve this task.

About Colonel John Alexander: to put it bluntly, he is a Lizard posing as human – a most successful imposture, who revealed his true nature by squashing Puthoff’s plan to forewarn the public about the September 11 terrorist attacks by featuring it in a big budget Hollywood movie well before it happened. When told of Puthoff’s plan Alexander jumped out of his seat and yelled: “No! Don’t do that! We have another way to handle this.” Puthoff glanced over to Vallee with a helpless look on his face. His fear of Alexander meant that Puthoff’s lips were sealed, and the rest is history.

Puthoff’s first attempt at warning the world about 9/11 happened in 1977, when he was brought to the White House and questioned about the Remote Viewing program. Puthoff went into the smoky back room with US government officials and told them: “Gentelmen… terrorism,” showing them a drawing that Ingo Swann had made of two towers being hit by a plane. One of the higher-ups said to Puthoff: “We will have to keep the Remote Viewing program open, then.” After this meeting, Puthoff came out and made eye-contact with Swann, smiling, and Ingo smiled back, because he knew Puthoff has warned them about 9/11. This was the real reason why the Remote Viewing program was kept alive for 30 years… because of the successful prediction of the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Today, over forty years after the initial information-transfer between astronaut Edgar Mitchell and a representative of a Level One Civilization, Zero Point Energy is working. Doctor Puthoff deserves a great deal of credit for this. He and his team developed a nuts and bolts ZPE prototype using nothing but a difficult guide-book and their own man-made ingenuity. Unfortunately, Big Oil (specifically the Rockefeller faction) is successfully suppressing this technology because the last thing they want is the propagation of a free, non-polluting form of energy.

Furthermore, it has come to the author’s attention that the original textbook is currently in the hands of shadowy billionaire Robert Bigelow of the now-defunct National Institute of Discovery Science (NIDS), which was an NSA front organization to spread disinformation. Having made his fortune in casinos and other ventures on behalf of the NSA, Bigelow is now pouring money into outer space via his Bigelow Aerospace company. Needless to say, Bigelow has no plans to share his knowledge of free energy with humanity, preferring to maintain a monopoly on it for his own nefarious reasons.

In conclusion, this author hopes for a future where the public enjoys the fruits of free energy and the plans of the elite have collapsed because the secret of Zero Point Energy is too big to contain. Mankind desperately needs to make that quantum leap from a Level Zero to a Level One civilization… to a reality that is free of war, that knows no poverty, and where class discrimination becomes ancient history. We know that this is possible, because  there are other civilizations out there who have achieved these dreams. Once we make this shift in consciousness, we will become part of the Galactic Federation, forever afterward in communication with the rest of the Universe. What will it take to make these things happen? Full and official disclosure by the principles and stakeholders involved in this complicated narrative would be a great step forward. I urge any and all individuals with knowledge relating to the subject of this article to please come forth and share it with the global community.

The Author, at right, in the company of Remote Viewing pioneer Ingo Swann.

Albert Venczel – BIO

Albert Venczel is a natural-born psychic, an alien contactee, and a trained Remote Viewer who is currently working towards a Bachelor of Radio and Television Arts at one of Canada’s most prestigious programs in media production. He lives in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and can be reached at [email protected].

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