“I have strived not to laugh at human actions, not to weep at them, not to hate them but to understand them.” – Baruch Spinoza, Tractatus Politicus – 1676

With global tensions mounting how long will it be before the breaking point hits us? I would hate to see what the results will be if and when it happens. I think it’s time that political and religious leaders start working together in more concrete ways and quicker fashion to find solutions that plague humanity. To keep concentrating on the problems keep us in a never ending cycle that resembles a hamster wheel. While an individual can only change themselves we can work with others to improve the quality of life in our world. Even us that prefer to work alone, we can work with other individuals to start a chain reaction that spreads throughout the population.

I think it’s idealistic to believe that world peace is possible for long periods of time, so we have to find better ways of handling the conflicts that come up. We need to find new ideas to try out and become accountable so we don’t try to get away with too much. Using violence to solve problems makes us exactly the same as the “bad” guys we’re fighting against. In a recent article of mine on UFO Digest, I wrote that it isn’t wise to take anything at face value until all the facts are checked out. There are so many things made up on the spot or pulled out of a hat that are subject to any number of private or group agendas. Beehive mentality – group think if you wish – can lead to less than desirable traits that may not work for the good of anyone. For individuals and groups it’s time to drop the self-righteousness and take a good look at what we are doing.

Role playing is a good way of gaining perspective by seeing things from another’s point of view. It’s probably wiser to let children learn from those in their own age group since they haven’t any idea of what it’s like being an adult. Children need to learn and experience getting wisdom and not be forced to fit into rigid stereotypes of what an adult is supposed to be. Children need firm but flexible guidance not overly strict rules to live by.

It’s good to be passionate about things in life but once passion takes over it’s hard to stay focussed and think rationally. It takes a lot of courage to challenge the status quo and conventional wisdom until “cherished” beliefs are looked at in the cold white light of dawn. When one starts to question how things are done they better develop a thick skin as the barbs will come. I do like to act as a devil’s advocate when I get a chance just to shake people up so they could look at things in a new light.

I like to think that life has meaning to it, the more the better. I like to think we’re born into the family we’re part of not have it happen by random chance. I’d like to think people passing through my life have a reason to do so even if it’s just a smile or an in depth conversation. Instead of a steady downward spiral I’d like to see all of us go for what is truly good and not just what’s best for them. A question to ask is explaining policy to an audience and trying to defend it. But what happens if they can’t justify it to themselves if their conscience says otherwise? People are good at being critical of statements or beliefs of others but when the tables are turned on them they will protect their beliefs or opinions like they would their child.

Just about all of us have an inner public relations that uses a lot of fudging and omissions on how we present ourselves around us. Upon taking a good look at the work of this internal p.r. officer we would be shamed enough to fire it.

When individuals join together as a group in the right way or manner they can and have come up with some good ideas that benefit society. It’s always good to have a variety of sorts that produces a goal to find the truth or solid public policy.

Ron Murdock
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