The author takes the reader on a journey to some of the most terrifying legends, places and events throughout our world. This book is not easy to put down.

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The first stop, The Villisca Ax Murder House – Villisca, IA. Sheriff Horton who investigated this horrendous crime says: “I found someone murdered in every bed.” The victims had their heads bashed in by an ax, that repeatedly struck their heads. A crime as foul as this one will leave an imprint in the atmosphere.

With this story, you get the history of the case and you get detailed stories of the hauntings that occurred there afterwards from Homer Ritner and his pregnant wife to many more people that experienced the hauntings. Other stories you may be familiar with or not so familiar with. 

Here are the contents to this book: Jukai Aokigahara aka Suicide Forest; The Sloss Furnaces; The Bell Witch of Tennessee; Hannah House; Ghosts of the Little Big Horn; Fox Hollow Farm; The Ghosts of Savanah; Borley Rectory; Black Moon Manor; Summerwind Mansion; Bobby Mackey’s Music World; The Whaley House; The Lizzie Borden House; The Dybbuk Box; The Ancient Ram Inn; Other Points of Macabre Interest and much, much more!! Here is a bit from the Lizzie Borden story. “Other people claimed to have seen a woman in period clothing making the bed. Whether it was Abby Borden doing the daily cleaning or the residual haunt of the maid going on her rounds, we’ll never know for sure. But sketches made up of the spirit tend to resemble Abby in likeness. Fair enough, considering Abby was cleaning up that particular room when she was murdered.”

This book has some incredible photos and some incredible stories. Grim Shadows Falling is a paranormal smorgasbord of frights and delights. After you finish reading this book, you will feel like you are an expert on all things paranormal. Grim Shadows Falling is paranormal brilliance! 

For more information or to purchase this book from AMAZON.COM simply click on its title.Grim Shadows Falling: Haunting Tales from Terrifying Places

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