High Strangeness Of Creation

The various religions and spiritual paths of the world each have their own unique way of looking at Creation and how it’s set up.  For the most part they all keep the explanations pretty simple and basic.  That’s probably a good thing because these organizations have such a complex structure of rules, dogmas, and laws the people must follow that there isn’t much time for the intricacies of God’s ways of Creation.

But if you decide you want to know more I can assure you that the first thing you’ll have to do is to be willing to step beyond those “God in the box” organizations.  And when you do that I promise you you’ll be in for the adventure of a lifetime.

The ways and scope of the entirety of Creation is more complex and strange than you can possibly imagine.  Yet in many ways its simplicity is beautiful beyond words.  You might need a PhD to have a chance at understanding it but you won’t need one to appreciate it.

Just begin with an open heart and a willingness to accept the possibility of any and all things.  The high strangeness you find will amaze and thrill you.

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