One might wonder where we began as in the munificent omniscience of the beginning. M for Mother and F for Father and ME well for me to explain where we believe we actually came from in the present beginning of what we expect to know in this reality. But what of the matrix of the all that is not reality as we know it to exist with the senses? What about that which lies outside of our very own consciousness? I see aliens, UFOS, and angels. Does that make me a mystic?
One might say that MF is for MotherFxxKing in today’s language in pop culture.
Me, well I say that being me is alien to other people and that is fact. UFOS and angels on the other hand are two separate words that deal with what I speak the most about in life in the paranormal realm of my existence. I have been interested in the cosmos all my life. I was born with mystical experiences as a part of my being. As in being who I am as part of my soul. My soul being that which is the core of my essence. I experience the core of my essence here in this reality like most humanoid sentient intelligent beings, meaning with my senses. That is the main ingredients that make us seem human with sight, smell, hearing, tasting, touch, and also feeling intuitively with my emotional body. However, the oldest part of our very existence is our core that is considered that which drives us all as the core of our soul’s existence as the energy we all manifest both separately and together.
We share attributes biologically of both our father and mother our two parents who are our biological creators on this planet. But what about who made them and so on and so forth all the way back to the beginning of time? Who made us?
This may be a mystical experience of why we are here. The energy as essence at the core of our own belief system that makes up what we experience, what we perceive as our own selves may not be the truth of that which is real in this reality we know we share as life on planet earth. We are all waking up to the fact that there is more than our mother, father, and me. Now we share the fact of the unity in we. We are the consciousness and we share the cosmos which is more than our own self, more than our mother and father, more than our family and friends, and even more than our home, our planet, and our existence of that which we think we control and know.
When we close our eyes at night and we will sooner or later have to close our eyes for we are human after all, what do you see inside at the core of your very own being? Is it you, God, or Goddess, or all three inside you as me or we? The real cosmos experience is this knowing there is always more than MF ME!  
Theresa J. Morris



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