Legends of the Zodiac

The history of astrology dates back thousands of years to recorded data contributed by the Babylonian peoples. This comes from a time when astronomy and astrology were so closely linked that they were considered one in the same. From there, it spread like wild fire through Greek culture and then exploded into various others worldwide.

The zodiac in Greek means, ‘circle of animals’ and represents 12 symbols, associated with the cycle of dates, planets and seasons. The signs are then divided up by elements, stars and then multiplied by personal adaptations. There are certain ones that we are compatible with and those which are more prone to be in opposition to us, in turn reminding us that we may become stronger.

Astrologers do not use the times we see day to day. They use what is known as side reel time to measure the Earth and all that which is alive within the circumference of celestial timing. From this, we can map out our horoscopes for guidance and inspiration in order to better draw our destinies!

Below, I am going to do a short overview of each sign of the zodiac and from which constellations they were given eternal life. Remember that although we consider our sun signs, as explained later in this article, to be most dominant, there are more aspects to us than we realize. One can find the answers that they seek by simply typing in “free astrology birth chart” into google.

Pisces- Sign 12 representing water. Symbolized by a pair of fish! February 19- March 20. The rulers are Neptune and Jupiter. Pisces is focused on spiritual aspect and the journey there. They can feel the emotions of others and oftentimes express their selves in an emotional manner! Jupiter symbolizes the king of the Gods and Neptune is of the sea!

Pisces oftentimes feels misunderstood. Their empathic ways define their lives and those around them as well. Pisces will tend to want to go with the flow instead of trying to change things around! They do not want to cause any upheaval as they are greatly in touch with the energies that abound!

The two fish in the stars represents Venus and Cupid. They are the Goddess of love and beauty and her son, who is the symbol for passion and desire. It also has a galaxy inside with known planets! The Piscids is the meteor shower that comes from this direction.

Aquarius- Sign 11 representing water. Water represents the collective unconscious universe. The symbol for Aquarius is an overflowing urn. January 21- February 19. It is an air sign, fixed and ruled by Uranus, traditionally by Saturn. The constellation Aquarius is powerfully persuasive emotionally. Some trademarks of the energy can be described as masculine, positive and extroverted. They express themselves with reason and moderation, being too shy at times as well. They are independent and do not follow the crowd. Many are gifted in the arts.

One legend that is particularly attributed to Aquarius is the story of Ganymede. He was an attractive prince of Troy. He was so good looking that Zeus decided to take notice of him. He took the form of an Eagle, the king of the skies and took him into the Heavens. Eagle conveys the messages of the spirit. Eagle also represents the need for honesty and truthful principles. At this entrance, Hera became shocked and demanded that he be returned for he rivaled the youthful beauty of her daughter. But, instead he was glorified in the stars above us for his masculine beauty represented the divine emotion at its strongest peak!

The constellation is the tenth largest in the sky. This number represents a completed course in cosmic time. It is a symbol of harmony. It is the number used frequently in ranking something, with ten being the best that you would want to achieve! It means to focus and stay determined! Do not stray from the path! It is the pair, 0 and 1 together.

Capricorn- Sign 10 representing Earth. December 22- January 19. This sign’s energy is one of discipline, structure and maturity. The animal for this sign is the mountain goat. Foundation and skill join elements in order to support the ambition of this sign. The ruling planet is Saturn.

Saturn is Cronus, known as the “Father of Time.” This eludes to Capricorn also being seen as the “Father of the Zodiac.” They are known to be paternalistic and like to set out guidelines, rules and dreams to accomplish. Saturn stays in each sign for about two and a half years and is very strong over Capricorn.

Capricornus, is the sky’s legendary myth. It is known as a goat-fish creature. It is connected with the moment that the Gods sought out safety in Egypt. This is because of a fearful enemy known as Typhon. Even the other Gods had to transform in order to be saved. Unfortunately, by the time that he reached Bacchus or Pan (many interpretations differ…) he was only able to change halfway into a goat and was so stuck in that form forever embedded into the cosmos.

Sagittarius- Sign 9 signifying the element fire with Jupiter overlooking. The symbol is the archer, the arrow and the centaur. Nov 22- Dec 22. Sagittarius is independent, strong and righteous. Jupiter is known as the lucky planet.

Sagittarius is known to be the truth tellers. They are naturally truthful, sometimes lacking necessary empathy for others. Also known as ones who love adventure, travel and change, there is no holding back those lone wolves. They have a burning energy that cannot be contained so easily.

In the sky, Sagittarius is the archer centaur who is pulling back a bow. Legend goes that it stands in place for Crotus, who is the son of Pan, who also invented archery. He was close to the nine muses and so was respected and honored. Because of this he was placed into the stars. His arrow reaches out into the heart of Scorpio.

Scorpio- Sign 8 representing the scorpion. Oct 23- Nov 22. Scorpion represents passion, control, death and sex. It can also symbolize isolation as well, seeing as it is a solitary creature. Because of its fast and quick nature, it is known as a sharp cutting-edge sword energy. Mars and Pluto oversee this sign.

Scorpio is strongly linked to Orion in astronomy mythology. It is also closely connected with the sun. They express themselves in clever, calculated and seductive ways. This tells the tale of someone who is in total control of their destiny. Many are great at picking themselves up and protecting their energy passionately!

Mars is the God of war. Pluto speaks for the underworld. It is this collaboration that brings about otherworldly dreams. This combination creates an occult, supernatural and sexual undertone. If you want something done, Scorpios are highly motivated. In ancient times, the scales of the Libra constellation were actually noted as the claws of the Scorpius.

The Scorpius was thought to be, in mythology, a true creature, thrown into the sky because Orion wanted to hunt every animal and Athena protected them. Because he was bragging to Artemis and Leto at the time about the competition, they sent a Scorpion against him and it did cause death and Zeus wanted to let the world see the lesson in vanity and senseless passions, so he made the legend for all to know.

Libra- Sign 7 is the scales. September 23- Oct 23. Libra is protected by the planet Venus and is considered an air sign. It is the one sign that is attracted to partnerships. The worst feeling for a Libra is that of being alone. A Libra will strive for beauty, harmony and equality. They are known as the most indecisive ones!

In relationships, a Libra desires to completely give their body and soul. This means that they enjoy constant touching and reassurance. A Libra wants peace and balance because with that comes the riches and comforts that life has got to offer. They will always strive to make a home life.

Libra in Latin literally translates to mean weighing scales. The legend states that Libra represents the seasons changing and also the difference between day and night. Libra in the stars holds a planetary system within it’s confines. It is known as the legendary love sign!

Music, nature, libraries and shopping malls are all things that a Libra enjoys. They are the only inanimate object in the Zodiac, thus in turn they can develop a great love of expensive and material things!

Virgo- Sign 6. The virgin. Aug 23- Sep 23. An Earth sign ruled by Mercury. Virgo is a very organized energy. They like to be in control in life, especially also in relationships. They like to know the details of every situation in order to trust better. The Virgo is a beautiful strategizer.

They can seem distant at times but, this is only when they withdraw inwards. Mercury rules over communication and so at times can prove overanalytical in terms of home life and family. They do have a hard time listening to complaints and request only positive energy in their wake!

The Virgin constellation is the largest out of all of the zodiac in the sky. In the universe, it is second, only under Hydra. The appearance of this star structure is a reminder of fertility and agriculture! Dike is the inspiration behind the symbology. She is the Greek goddess of Justice.

Leo- Sign 5. The Lion. July 23- August 23. A fire sign ruled by the Sun. Leo loves being the center of attention! They enjoy being center stage and in the spotlight! First impressions are very important to them. They are creative, passionate and generous!

The lion oftentimes symbolizes royalty. They have a dignified and pragmatic approach to life. Leo is known as strong and powerful. They have a lust for life that can oftentimes be dampened by any insecurities. Leo likes to feel the best way possible and supported in order to move forward confidently.

In the sky, Leo represents the Nemean lion that Hercules had to kill as one of his tasks of retribution. It was the first goal that he had to accomplish. This is because the pelt was used as a means of protection and armor, due to it’s cosmic strength and resilience.

Cancer- Sign 4. The crab. June 21- July 22. A water sign ruled by the moon. Cancer is deeply loyal, imaginative and persuasive. It is also a deeply emotional energy which can have a hard time dealing with criticism and unasked for advice by close persons.

They seem to slightly change with each moon phase. Cancer can have a hard time dealing with emotions and its best to use something beautiful for self-expression in art. All of cancer’s motives are emotion based and can lead to a life of self-centeredness and manipulation sometimes.

Cancer is the Latin name for crab. It is the dimmest of the Zodiac constellations. This lies in sync with how water dims fire and makes a lot of sense! The legend alludes to that of Hercules! This task was one that he was given in order to tame a giant crab. It was sent by Hera, because he had killed his whole family in an insane rage and he was trying to prove himself. She let it loose while he was battling the Hydra to make things even more difficult but, he endured!

Gemini- Sign 3. The Twins. May 21- June 20. Air signs ruled over by Mercury. Gemini often display a duality in their being. This is consistent with their desire to connect to all aspects of the mental subconscious of ourselves and also with the cosmic universal consciousness.

Gemini dislike being alone and will often become depressed if put in this position. They are highly intellectual and get along well with other airy signs. Within this magic is love. Gemini are very good at nurturing relationships to their full potentials and displaying affections!

In the stars, Gemini’s story is glorious. It is named for the twins in Greek mythology, Castor and Pollux. The legend goes that they had the same mother (Leda) but separate fathers. Castor’s father is Leda’s husband, Tyndarus the king of Sparta. Their other sister is Helen of Troy! Apparently only Pollux was immortal and so Castor died in a war they were fighting on behalf of their people. Zeus knew how to remedy the situation and made Castor eternal by placing her in the sky.

Taurus- Sign 2. Recognized as the bull. Apr. 20 – May 21.Venus is the guide of this one. Earth is the element of habitation. This energy is always seeking the rewards of a situation. They do crave the finer things of life and look for good things materialistically.

That being said, Taurus is also known as the stubborn one. Getting so caught up with the moment that they often loose sight of the bigger picture and just go full speed ahead forward. On the other end of the spectrum, they are also very reliable.

The constellation celebrates Zeus, who turned himself into a beautiful white bull to capture the attention of a Phoenician princess named Europa. They fell in love and gave birth to the famous king Minos of Crete. The sign rises and sets with the sun and is lost in the sun’s glory during the solstice in June. In November you can expect a meteor shower from this point!

Aries- Sign 1 representing the ram. March 21- April 19. Aries greatest lesson is relying on their intuition. Mars stands for Aries power. This makes it a fire sign. It comes through in the personality where Aries takes charge in a forcible way. They dislike compromising as they view it as a form of submission. Aries likes to have their way most of the time!

Aries is a constellation in the Northern Hemisphere. The myth that is most often identified with it is the Greek legend of King Athamus of Boetia and his second wife, Ino who was extremely jealous and resentful of his children, especially Phrixus. So, she devised a plan where she destroyed the corn crops and paid an oracle to falsify information and say that one of his sons has to be sacrificed in order to escape starving to death. So, Phrixus and his sister were to be the ones to go. Zeus heard of this horrible evil woman and decided to send a golden ram and got them out of harms way. Unfortunately, the sister perished but Phrixus was saved and sent to Colchis. He in turn sacrifices the ram back to Zeus and gives it’s golden fleece to King Aeetes. The fleece was eventually stolen.

Aries energy tells us to trust our instincts and be brave in executing our dreams and desire. They are always focused towards action and adventure. Aries ponders the mysteries that lie within each person and circumstance, even when there is really no deeper meaning, they will find one. People with strong Aries energy feel best in leadership positions. They are ambitious and goal oriented. Sometimes they can get caught up in one way of doing things and not be too keen to change.

Legends of the Zodiac

Astrology is meant to heal us, help us and give us strength to move forward. We can take what we learn and shape ourselves to it but, also listen to the inner sense inside of us which gives us individuality and unique views as well. Astrology is said to predict major events but, because of the vague advice we sometimes receive in general, it would benefit us more to seek a professional or more knowledge in the subject to get the best we can from this situation.

Many cultures have adapted different versions of the zodiac and this is all good because we are all in different positions of the universe. There are definitely infinite secrets which the cosmos holds close that we may never truly understand but, we can come close in order to find comfort in our cosmic consciousness as one whole together.

Be on your best path, take that one which your dreams show you and always as your first step, take the world around you as a stepping stone to shift into multiple dimensions and realities, all waiting to be manifested by you! You have the power and the universe is our guide.

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